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Bionic Plague
Gender: Male
Type: YouTuber, Meme Maker, Broken Deviant
Date Joined: April 19th, 2018
Status: Banned
Total score: 3

AudiomachineForLife a.k.a Bionic Plague (born February 10th, 2004) is a Vietnamese Deviant who joined DeviantArt on April 19th, 2018. He was born on February 10th, 2004 and currently is known for making diverse memes.[1] (it means make memes about lot of things)

Why He's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. He is a nice, devoted, friendly and trusty user.
  2. He's against SJWs, Article 13 and Elsagate.
  3. Not only against Article 13, he is actually the official founder of Anti-Article-13, a group that is dedicated to stop Article 13.
  4. He's also against toxic users like Bart-Toons, Justicesquad, TimLegionFederationa, ZacharyKnox222 as well as exposes the truth about other users like Trisha611, FalconClub9517 and IncestLove124.
  5. He creates awesome and funny memes.
  6. He supports human rights and against transphobia, homophobia, heterophobia, etc.
  7. He stands up and fights for the rights of any innocent people who got harassed and sympathize them to stop them from suicidal thinking, which is something can be seen on most of real-life activists.
  8. He got a YouTube channel and his videos are great.

Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. Before April 2019, he is a toxic Dora, Peppa, Caillou, Masha hater. Today, he still hates those shows, but he's no longer make hate memes out of those shows anymore.
    • However, the reason why he hates Masha And The Bear is because he think that Masha And The Bear is one of Kremlin Propagandas, not because he think "that show is only for babies".
    • He makes no statement about stopped making hate memes.
  2. He was an atrocious Pop Music Hater until he apologized to everyone and changed his behaviors.
    • However, it is indicated that he will not give Pop Music a second chance, yet...

Controversy[edit | edit source]

There are some controversies he caused from May 26th, 2019 to August 7th, 2019.

The first controversy called The Jerimin19's Death Drama, started from May 26th, 2019 (but only become popular in May 31st). This was started when he thinks that if he joined the site sooner then he could help Jerimin19 and stopped her from suicide. Later, he started to investigates the reasons for her death, and on May 26th, 2019, he officially declared that Pop Music is responsible for Jerimin19's Death. While some people actually believes it, those who don't reacts very quickly. Finally, the journal has come to Jerimin19's DeviantArt Profile, and then become a topic to discuss. On June 17th, VincentLumpas reported the journal, and AudiomachineForLife found out about that very quickly. He then lashed out at VincentLumpas as a crime supporter. VincentLumpas then gives AudiomachineForLife a link to Jerimin19's Facebook account, proving that Jerimin19's death wasn't caused by Pop Music. AudiomachineForLife has been shocked after reading Jerimin19's final status, and on June 23th, he apologizes to Jerimin19 right at her profile. Chibiyima has created a status about it in June 25th, stated that she was lying and didn't ever think that Pop Music was responsible for Jerimin19's death. AudiomachineForLife then also apologizes to Chibiyima. But the controversy has yet to end.

The second controversy called "Post-Jerimin19's Death Drama" started from June 23th, 2019 to July 2th, 2019. Even though AudiomachineForLife apologized for thinking that Pop Music is responsible for Jerimin19's death, it didn't stop the drama. On June 23th, 2019, JawsandGumballFan24 made a commentary about this meme, while AudiomachineForLife only trying to explain why he hates Pop Music, JawsandGumballFan24 didn't listened. Instead, he accused AudiomachineForLife for "trying to give them haters which is heartless" and blocked him. Though he didn't get mad at first, he then realized that StrawberryStar123 also made a commentary about the death of Jerimin19. AudiomachineForLife immediately believing that StrawberryStar123 falsely called AudiomachineForLife a Nazi just because he makes memes about Adolf Hitler, believing that AudiomachineForLife is trying to make the death of Jerimin19's death "a funny meme". Worse, he even thinks StrawberryStar123 is a Pro-Political Correctness (which he didn't realized back then, but nowadays he realized why he was so livid that day. He then making A LOT of anti-stamps, hate memes, labelled StrawberryStar123, JawsandGumballFan24, TwiceBlackpinkFan69, XxDarkMusical2000xX, AuroraArtz,... as "fanatics". However, on 30th June, 2019, a user named CaffeineQueen1966, commented on AudiomachineForLife's profile and said that StrawberryStar123 has apologized for that comment about the death of Jerimin19, and AudiomachineForLife also apologized to her. And on July 2nd, 2019, he officially apologized to everyone.

The third controversy called "Pseudo Drama". This was when Tyler Bowie makes a status falsely accusing AudiomachineForLife as xenophobe all because of a Vietnam War Memes. Though he is neutral with Tyler first, he got livid after seeing that status, blocked Tyler and makes a journal about it. FalconClub9517, one of Tyler Bowie's friends, found out about it, and insult him. AudiomachineForLife replied back and then block him, but it also attracted Menslady125. Menslady125 blocked him after that, and AudiomachineForLife considered both Menslady125 and FalconClub9517 as Pseudo-Americans. From June 1st to July 7th, an exchange of hate arts has started between AudiomachineForLife and FalconClub9517, until Falcon's main account got deactivated. On July 31st, IndecentFriends asks Menslady125 to unblock AudiomachineForLife, and she accepted. However, it wasn't until August 7th, 2019 when AudiomachineForLife apology to Menslady125 for "mistreating the soldiers".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. He has autism.
  2. He is currently being mistreated by his family and his friends.
  3. He is one of the most broken deviants of all times.
  4. Aside from DeviantArt, he is currently an activist, a revolutionist and a propagandist in real life.
  5. He got a YouTube channel under the name of Bionic Plague.[2]
  6. He is friends with JeagerEX, FriendlyGirl2018, KittyGemAmazon23, PinkYazFlyChan, TheLoudHouse1998, CD20Scratch, etc.
  7. He got a favorite folder which is similar to InspectorCringe's "Shittiest Cringe Of DeviantArt", but AudiomachineForLife's folder is only focused on pedophilic deviations. He puts every single deviations that are supportive to NOMAP to that folder and named it "Shittiest Pedophilia Propagandas Of DeviantArt".[3]
  8. He is the first person who appeared in both Atrocious Deviants Wiki and Talented Deviants Wiki.
  9. He is also the second deviant to have a controversial page.

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