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Bleedman or Vinson Ngo is a Filipino webcomic and anime artist from Cebu, Philippines who is also the Author & Creator of The Powerpuff Girls D, Grim Tales: From Down Below, Sugar Bits, Invader Zim: Manifest Doom and Golly Glee on SNAFU-comics, He is also a Talented deviant as he draws awesome anime-style fan-art of cartoon characters in fact he made videos of it via-speed paint on his YouTube channel. Since 2004 he become popular for both kids and teenagers due to the popularity of his Webcomics.

Why He's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. Just like in the description, He is the author and main artist of the popular webcomic series like Powerpuff Girls D, Grim Tales: From Down Below and Sugar Bits. He is currently working for his new Webcomic series called Golly Gee which is currently on SNAFU.
  2. He is known for making anime-style of Cartoon characters in his own way like the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, My Life as a Teenage Robot and many characters from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel as well as comicbook characters from DC and Marvel.
  3. He even draws Anime-styled fan-arts of various video game characters mostly from Nintendo.
  4. On every April 1st (which is April Fools Day), Bleedman may create special comic pages just for fun which consists of mysterious and crazy plots such as meeting unnecessary characters or changing a character's appearance. However, after the special page is created, the plot will return back to normal.
  5. He's making new sketches on his own Patreon as well as teaching some aspring artists too.
  6. His gallery are open for comments where everyone can like his artworks.
  7. He can take criticism, except for Cyberbullies, in fact he is against Cyberbullying.
  8. He is willingly to draw Disney artworks in his own style.
  9. Many deviants wanted to be like him by drawing a similar Art-style.

The Only Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. He only takes paid commissions for any Fan-art requests.
  2. He recently impersonates Robert Downey Jr, which is considered identity theft AND YOU COULD BE ARRESTED FOR THAT!!!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. Unlike his Hatedom, At least his Fandom was least toxic.
  2. Maxwell Atoms, the creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was also liked the webcomic Grim Tales despite of it's controversy and it was the best webcomic fanfiction he ever read.
    1. In fact, Vinson was offered to work on a new show with Maxwell Atoms, but he rejected the offer because of various reasons.
    2. Speaking of Grim Tales, both Grim Jr. and Minniemandy are not his OC's but rather made by DeadDoll00, which he remade it in his own rendition.
  3. Due to the popularity of Powerpuff Girls D webcomics, The creators of Fusion Fall at some point wanted to hire Vinson, but the executives scrapped the idea for some reason.
  4. There also has been an animated series known as Powerpuff Girls Z with very similar character designs of PowerPuff Girls D that was based on the hairstyles of the Girls and released in 2006 in Japan after the popularity of PPGD comics.
    1. This was referenced in a April Fools parody page of PPGD's 10th anniversary in which Blossom and Bell took on appearances resembling the art style.
  5. He is a fan of both DC and Marvel comicbooks and films, especially for MCU and DCEU (At least it was decent).
  6. He is against Tumblr's new policies regarding to NSFW artworks.
  7. He is the one who started the BlossDex (Blossom X Dexter) pairing.

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