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"Welcome to Hiletopia"
Gender: Female
Date Joined: Jun 28, 2016
Status: Active

Claire Aimee Spencer (Born June 28th), who is known as YourClairyGodmother (Formerly known as Claire-Petal-Splash and ClaireAimee) is an female Canadian user that makes good drawings and friends with KittyGemAmazon23 and other innocent users. However, she has been victim and harassed by Tyler Bowie and his white knights. She joined on Jun 28, 2016.

Why She's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. She is the creator of the story called Jason and Amelia
  2. She made a fan-made series called Platformers
  3. Her polls look entertaining to her friends
  4. She's against toxic users like Tyler Bowie
  5. She loves the video games as Rayman and Cuphead
  6. Many of her followers have been defending her from Tyler
  7. This comment: "Put this on someone's page if you care about them"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is friends with Roanalcorano, JeagerEX, and others who are innocent users
  • She is the first innocent user who exposed the truth about Tyler Bowie.[1]
  • She is the co-writer of Wcher999's Mythos
  • Her current deviant ID was made by QueenDraven.[2]
  • One of JeagerEX's OCs named C.L.A.R.E which is named after her.[3]
  • Like other users, she has autism in real life.
  • Her current username is same as her previous tag line.
  • She is also a victim of You-You-You2, a toxic feminist who threatened her because she doesn't support the stoning of gay people in Islamic countries.

References[edit | edit source]

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