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Crisostomo-Ibarra (aka Micko Pador) is a Filipino artist. He is not only a very talented MLP fan, but also an amazing artist who does drawings and fanarts in different genres. He is also the creator of his fanmade Mahou Kaiju series of anime Kaiju films, as well as the fanmade Cross Crisis series.

Why He is not only talented, but very Amazingly Fantastic[edit | edit source]

  1. Not only he did a lot of hard work on his fanmade projects, he also did his own OCs.
  2. He made lots of Amazing MLP fanart and fanfiction.
  3. Not only he could do fanmade stories, but also fanmade ideas (video games, films and Television series).
  4. He makes a lot of fantastic crossover fanarts.
  5. He didn't do any gross-out fanart of MLP, although he made some epic and ambitious fanmade scenes.
  6. Not only he made some fanmade Posters that are really fantastic, but also did a lot of work on scratch.

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