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This is the First Site from the Subtribute of the founder

NOTE: DO NOT Vandalize and add false and defamatory information on this page.

Darkfairy1999 (Born February 10, 1999) is a female German Deviant. She´s is since July 21, 2018 on DeviantArt, who she´s now 1 Year here is. She´s a Fan of Creepypasta, SCPs, Five Nights at Freddy´s (FNaF), My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls, Hazbin Hotel, Kamiwaza Wanda, Steven Universe and Pokémon.

Her Internet Persona in RK Style

Why She´s Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. She creates Fairy and Creepypasta OCs
  2. She draws "Kamiwaza Wanda" Fanarts and own Promins/Bugmins
  3. She protects other Deviants from Bullies, Pedos and Bad Users
  4. She reports other Deviants from Bullies and Toxic Users like Snivyshylover and Tyler Bowie.
  5. She comforts other Deviants, when they´re in Trouble
  6. She´s against Article-13 and Paedophilia.
  7. She´s normaly a neutral Deviant, only she intolerates Toxic Users, UTTPs and Bullies
  8. She had the Believing, that Vabessa2006 too young for Sex Roleplays.

The only Bad Quality[edit | edit source]

  1. She had harassing other Deviants, but she regrets always for the Action.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. Until February 2019 is she one of the Unknown Deviants.
  2. She had Pre-Childish Form Autism.
  3. She´s the Victim of Charquero1, who he force her as his Girlfriend, and Crustin
  4. She´s the Bestie of M1ssRa1nb0w, who she´s one of the Atrocious Deviants, but she´s always for her here
  5. Her Favourite Crystal Gem in "Steven Universe" is Amethyst
  6. Her Favourite Character in "Hazbin Hotel" is Crymini
  7. For the "Kamiwaza Wanda" Fanarts & Own Promins/Bugmins, she had Support from RandonPerson1146 and StrawberryStar123.
  8. She uses MS Paint for her Drawings
  9. Her only Pokémon Creepypasta OC, that she created, is "Dark Diancie"

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