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As this wiki is public. It is no surprise that Deviants can find out about a page of them on this wiki by browsing it or having someone telling them about it since that the rules of this wiki says that anyone can tell good users about a page on them on this wiki. While it's shocking, the result is mostly positive, giving them self-praise, flattery, and accomplishment. There are also Deviants Discovering A Page About Them on the Atrocious Deviants wiki.

List of Deviants That Discovered Their Own Pages[edit | edit source]

  1. JeagerEX: He is the first Deviant to discover the page of himself on this wiki. When he discovered his page about himself, he appreciate it and thanking CD20Scratch for creating a page on him. However, he added more info on about his page since the one that CD20Scratch made at first is unfinished and incomplete.[1] On September 4, 2019, he made another status post regarding his appreciation. [2]
  2. yuettung116: She recently discovered the page of herself on this wiki, but she became more thankful and wanted someone to edit and correct some of the facts that she did for stupid reasons.[3]
  3. AudiomachineForLife: He discovered his page on the 16th of June, and added more information and detail to the page. However, he became the first Deviant who appeared in both Atrocious and Talented Deviants wiki.
  4. Roanalcorano: He recently discovered his page and added some few information and detail to the page.
  5. ClaireAimee: She recently discovered her page then she feel honored.[4] However, many other users are congratulates her as well as she thanked the user who created the page.
  6. YazGalToonFan: She just recently discovered her page and made some few edits and corrections to the page via IP editing at first until she finally made a status post about her page creation as well as many other users congratulates on her appreciation.[5]
  7. Jade-The-Ravinkitty: She recently discovered her page and she became happy about it.[6]
  8. DestinyNazario: She recently discovered her page.[7]
  9. Animedeaf: He recently discovered his page.[8] However, he made a few edits after his appreciation.
  10. AshleyAnimator2000: She discovered her page then she become thankful and appreciated.[9]
  11. DaBair: He discovered his page through one of Mintaka-TK's stamps [10], and while he does feel kind-of embarrassed, he is still thankful that his page is on this "Talented Deviants" wiki instead of the "Atrocious Deviants" one.
  12. TheOperations: He discovered his page on September 29, 2019 and he added some few details on it.
  13. JohannaAngotOfficial: She discovered her page and added some few details about herself.
  14. DiegoFandomToons: He recently discovered his own page on the same day of his page creation and he really appreciated it.[11]

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