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A bit of a hypocrite
Gender: Male
Type: Memer Occasional Drawer
Date Joined: April 2019
Status: Semi Active
Total score: 3

Godzilla20025 is an Mexican-American Deviant User who joined in April of 2019

Good Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. He stopped being toxic and apologised
  2. He is against toxic users like Bart-Toons and Incestlove124
  3. He is also against pedophilia,zoophilia,incest,necrophilia and over bad phillias
  4. He doesn't mind criticsm
  5. Some of his memes are funny
  6. He now respect opinions
  7. He called out someone who drew Lolicon

Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. As mentioned, he used to be toxic but he stopped being toxic on June 2019.
  2. He used to steal art.
  3. He said the n word, which is racist.
  4. His hate to toxic users can get a bit out of hand sometimes.
  5. He also used to disrespect opinions
  6. His icon is a bit lazy it just a pic of Susan Heffley
  7. Even though he redeemed himself he sometimes can get hostile especially to NSFW Artist

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. Despite the Fact it says that its says he lives in Bermuda he actually lives in Texas
  2. He watches 3 toxic users but it seems he doesn't defend them and do realize their toxic behavior
  3. He has a Bearded Dragon
  4. He's Friends with AudiomachineForLife
  5. he wrote this page
  6. He has a miraheze account and goes by Eaglebee2356
  7. He Thinks He have ADHD
  8. He is the second Deviant who is in both wikis

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