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GreenMemeDreamer (Formerly GreenMemeFever) is a 14 year old Deviant from North Carolina who goes by Verde online and is a big fan of the Kirby and Precure Series, as well as Nintendo and Magical Girls in general.

Her internet persona/self-insert character (Verde)

Why She Rocks[edit | edit source]

  1. She blocks and reports trolls when they're attacking her or her friends.
  2. She likes criticism on her art and takes it well.
  3. She respects people's opinions(unless they are harmful opinions, like Jamesgang's LGBTphobic/Racist ones)
  4. Her emblem/logo made to resemble that of Meta Knight's emblem from the Kirby Series
    She's calm and responds to trolls with jokes, scolding, and blocking instead of yelling in all caps and making death threats.
  5. She tried to help AntiRex3000 by giving him advice on how to not make people hate him, but it didn't work.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. She no longer has UltimateChris as her boyfriend.
  2. She has Asperger's Syndrome(or for short, autism).
  3. She used to be on Deviantart as XxRainBoomxX and went by Rainy instead of Verde.
  4. Had a Troll/Joke account called earthboundfan88 that was supposed to be funny and silly, not mean.
  5. She has a YouTube channel called GreenMemeDreamer YT where she mostly makes Magical Girl and Magical Boy Transformation related AMVs.
  6. She likes Vore but has said that she doesn't have a Vore fetish because fetishes are sexual, and she just simply likes it.
  7. She abandoned her GreenMemeFever account because she got a lot of horrible negative comments on a Vore drawing she made, they made her feel filthy and ashamed of liking vore so she deactivated the account after leaving a status saying "one less vore lover on this website". She doesn't draw Vore art that much anymore because of it, but is no longer ashamed about it.
  8. Uses a lot of emojis, especially: 😊😄😁😀🤣.

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