Heavy Swag

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"Heavy Swag the Badass"
Gender: Male
Type: Student Artist
Digital Artist
Video Editor
Date Joined: Sep 7, 2018
Total score: +9

Heavy Swag also known as xxHeavyswagxx is a male Thai user who is known for making decent artworks and other stuff.

Why He's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. He against other trolls and toxic users like Crustin, Friendlymrguy and AntiRex3000.
  2. His artwork & gallery is amazing.
  3. He made good collabs and memes.
  4. His persona named Heavy Swag is very entertaining and decent.
  5. He has good video editing skills.
  6. His character voice is pretty decent and funny.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is friends with Lengiel, SuperSmashChey, Vabessa2006, etc.
  • He is the first deviant to have the letter 'H' as the first letter in his name on this wiki.
  • He has a YouTube channel who uploads his edited videos, including AntiRex's videos.
  • He is once a victim of Friendlymrguy after he made an impostor of him.

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