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J a k e id 2019 by jeagerex dd5c5nz.png
Gender: Male
Type: Amazing Drawer
Creator of Cyber Hero Series
Autistic Deviant
Varied Hobbyist
Date Joined: August 21, 2008
Status: Active
Total score: 9

NOTE: DO NOT Vandalize and add false and defamatory information on this page.

JeagerEX (born on June 2nd) is a Filipino-American male DeviantArt user who publishes his own SFW OCs, but he doesn't want his OCs to be sexualized and anything inappropriate. He is known for creating his OC series known as Cyber Hero. He joined in DeviantArt since August 21, 2008.

Why He's Talented and Amazing

  1. He enjoys drawing his own SFW OCs, but he doesn't want his OCs to be sexualized and anything inappropriate.
  2. His Cyber Hero OCs are pretty creative and unique. Notable his characters are J.A.K.E (which is one of his main mascot for his own series, but not his persona), C.L.A.R.E, and GrapicSprit.
    • Also he has his OC named Cyber Guy which is actually his main character.
  3. His chibi art style can be cute or charming.
  4. He's against other toxic users like Friendlymrguy, RosesStella, AntiRex3000, etc but he doesn't take them very seriously since he mostly block and ignored all of them and moved on.
  5. He credits to their respective owners when he draw other user's OC characters with his own art style such as E.V.L.Y.N (who is actually based on KittyGemAmazon23's OC named Eva) for example.
    • Aside from other user's OCs, he also credits to the owners who made other stuff like Blank memes and Kisekae models.
  6. His base artworks and art design are original.
  7. He helped other innocent users like KittyGemAmazon23, GlorysiaMelodyYT, PinkYazFlyChan, KapooyDeWaffleMaster and XXBri-The-DemonXx from being harassed by toxic and immature users. That is very helpful!
    • Not only that but he even helped some of his friends who are depressed and feeling suicidal such as BJTStudios and NycollasCoser.
  8. He helped Bandettos from accused of being a troll along with InternetWaifu (Now Evuie) and others.
  9. He's against art theft since HowIBecomeYours and RosesStella stole his artworks without permission.
  10. He's is also against Article-13 and pedophilia.
  11. When he buy a commission artwork from other users, he uses his OCs instead of any characters from mainstream series. However, he always read and understand every rules.
  12. He doesn't like getting himself involved into any kind of drama since he always stay away from it.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. His original Cyber Hero artworks that has done in MS Paint is badly drawn until he improved his skills.


  • He has autism in real-life.
  • He's also friends with KittyGemAmazon23, PinkYazFlyChan, Jade-The-Ravinkitty, HawkinsAm, MikoChatta, ClaireAimee, GlorysiaMelodyYT, FriendlyGirl2018, GreenMemeDreamer, GS-bunfoxx18, AudiomachineForLife, JohannaAngotOfficial and many more.
  • He is also a victim of the following atrocious users below:
    • AntiRex3000 - Made a hate speech video out of him on YouTube. Good thing that the video was deleted.
    • DookatroopaComedian - Celebrating his death on his profile for no reason which made him as one of his worst enemies on dA.
    • Friendlymrguy - Being tagged by one of his journals, made a hate stamp out of him and impersonated by one of his alts two times. Since he left the hatebase, he's still being tagged by his journals, but he ignored most of them.
    • RosesStella - Being blocked for no reasons, received a death threat and porn messages thru notes. Also he recently made a hate stamp out of his Deviant ID.
    • Stuprum - Drew one of his OC without his permission and used it to create in a sexual way.
    • Tim Legion - Made a hate video out of him on YouTube until his termination.
    • Twxaxreal - Falsely accused of cheating on Atrocious Deviants wiki after AbbyTheGamer and CaramelCootie noticed him.[1] [2]
    • Tyler Bowie - Back then he wasn't harassed by Tyler Bowie until it changed after he took a screenshot some of JeagerEX's comments on both TheSweetRosePrincess and ClaireAimee's profile.[3]
  • He is a fan of LEGO, Mega Man, and Metal Slug series due to the following below:
    • He collects LEGO Minifigures.
    • He plays Metal Slug Attack daily since he collects some of their units and completed each Extra Ops.
    • He also plays Command & Conquer video games like Yuri's Revenge (Especially the one with mods like Mental Omega and Red Resurrection).
  • He doesn't have an OC Persona. Instead, he uses his Cyber Hero OCs as his profile icon and deviant ID such as J.A.K.E for example.
  • He eventually left the Friendlymrguy hatebase since he no longer commenting The-Peachriots and any of Friendlymrguy's alt.
  • He is Gugunet-26's first follower since he's been supporting him when he started posting. However, he made a Kisekae model of J.A.K.E as a gift for him.
  • He is the first deviant who discovered his page in this wiki.[4]
    • He also made another status post on September 4, 2019 as a sub tribute to the page author.[5]
  • He uses Clip Studio Paint and Traditional art for his OCs, but sometimes he uses MS Paint for editing.
  • His favorite Kinnikuman character is Jeager (Jade in Japanese) which his username came from since Fire-Water-Goddess became his second watcher.
  • He has a Instagram and Facebook accounts, but is for private reasons.