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Gender: Female
Date Joined: Mar 16, 2019
Status: Active
Total score: 9

JohannaAngotOfficial is a female DeviantArt user who joined in Mar 16, 2019.

Why She's Talented and Amazing[edit | edit source]

  1. Like TheSweetRosePrincess, she loves DC Comics (Especially Mordred and Teen Titans characters) since she draws them in her own art style.
  2. She enjoys to draw fan arts of her other favorite fandoms besides DC.
  3. Her art style is pretty decent.
  4. She also made her own chibi art style that inspired by one of her friends named JeagerEX since she first met him on Early May 2019.
  5. She even draw some of her friends OC artworks and credited to their owners.
  6. Her OC Persona is kinda cute and kid friendly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Back then in 2018 she used to have an idea of doing Skullgirls with K-pop however, since many Skullgirls fans disapprove it, she hid her artworks of Skullgirls with K-pop away, only at least submitting one fanart of it.


  • She has good and nice friends like TheSweetRosePrincess, JeagerEX, Rinspirit-Art, and FESH456.
    • Rinspirit-Art is also her friend on Instagram.
  • She has an Instagram and Youtube Account.
  • She's against sexism, pedophilia and stalking, which might explain why she doesn't like NuggetTheBalloonGirl.


  • She doesn't like her persona to be fetishized.[3]
  • She makes flash games.
  • One of JeagerEX's OCs named J.O.N.A which is based on her.[4]

References[edit | edit source]