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Kaitlynoo aka Kait (Born June 10, 2000) is a female Deviant, known for her being a fan of young and pretty boy Characters such as Captain Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Kagamine Len of Vocaloid fame, Pit from Kid Icarus, Lloyd Garmadon from Ninjago, Lann from Final Fantasy and others. She is also a Loud House fan. Unlike Bart-Toons (he had an article on the Atrocious Deviants wiki), Kait is a sane TLH fan and she loves anime in addition to her not being Xenophobic to Japan. She is also a good Fanfiction writer.

Why She is Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. She makes a bunch of good fanfics to read (although some can be a little bit gross for younger readers).
  2. Some of her drawings and fanarts that are considered to be anime style in which are really good.
  3. As said above, she is one of the many examples of a Good Loud House fan. Not just that, she is also a good Video Game fan too.
    1. Im addition, she is also a nice Pegasister like Sonic-fan17 is. She also gets along with a lot of fans in a variety of franchises in different genres.
  4. She adds a lot of effort in her artworks.
  5. Much of her fanmade designs and Characters are pretty good. Examples are those made for Creepypasta/Supernatural/Halloween related things.
  6. Unlike most Music fans, she is humble and kind.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is one of Emman's friends on the site, as she faved his artworks.

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