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KashimusPrime is an American user. She is one of the few sane and non-toxic Lion King fans on this site. She's also known to do a good job on following the site's rules and often gives the constructive criticism that tracing others' art is wrong.

Why She's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. She is one of the only few Lion King fans on the website who actually uses their brain and doesn't support crossover pairings in fanart and fanfiction.
  2. She respects the rules of the website and has no problem with explaining the rules to other users.
  3. She is against tracing and art theft.
  4. She is also against the behavior of AnthroArtCreations (TheHyenasSBE), Weaselbear, MockingjayBases, NidoPan and other toxic, scummy people on the site and the bad things they do or have done.
  5. She is a skilled artist. She draws and colors like a professional without tracing anything and comes up with her own, original poses while drawing her art.
  6. Not only her fanart is top quality, but she also makes good original art and characters, too.
  7. She also has a great blog.

The Only Bad Quality[edit | edit source]

  1. While some users think she is a "troll" or not like her simply because of what she says to them, she's only giving the other users she talks to 'constructive criticism' and informing the rules of the website to help them improve their skills or change themselves for their own good.

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