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Dynasti Lisse Noble (Born in February 3, 2002 and currently living in Houston, Texas) also known as LapisLazuliIsACutie is an African-American female Deviant. She is not only a good example of a healthy and sane Cartoon Fangirl, but also a fantastic Deviant.

Why She is Amazing

  1. She is one of the many good examples of a healthy and sane Cartoon fan.
  2. Some of her fanmade designs are pretty good.
  3. Her artworks can sometimes be cute and endearing. She is also trying to draw in different kinds of art styles.
  4. Some of her memes are really good.
  5. She is against Loudcest and any infamous users like DrNBrioDHAFC and Trextrex65.
  6. She makes some good and unique ideas.

Bad Qualities

  1. She sometimes impersonates other innocent deviants.


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