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Gender: Male
Type: Student Artist
Date Joined: April 19th, 2017
Status: Active
Total score: 10

Igorio (Also known as LostFires) is an American user who uses Gacha life to create his OCs and arts. He has been on Deviantart for 2 years.

Why he's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. He used Gacha life to create his OCs & arts.
  2. He is against Article 13, Bart-Toons, Jarmasea, Tyler Bowie, DookatroopaComedian, etc
  3. He is the best brother figure to Brendan
  4. He is a fanfiction writer, & comes up with the best stories
  5. He is a lady charmer, & has a crush on many characters, including males (even Brendan)

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