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Aufa Bilqis Kamiliya (Born in November 23rd) who is Known as Luigis-Sister18-Aufa (Formerly Known as Luigis-Sister18 and MaLFG12345) is a Female Indonesian-European Deviant who is known for Loving Super Mario and Best Fiends. She was truly Formerly Known as Selnia the Pink Bird as shown in Her Oldest Accounts in 2017 such as Youtube and Deviantart. She has been in Deviantart for 2 Years (Combined with Her 2 Oldest Deviantart Accounts)

Why she's Talented

  1. Even though she used a Mouse, She has a Decent Art Quality as of 2018
  2. Her Personalities always made Her Friends Laugh
  3. Whenever there's a Troll or Toxic Users that she saw, she always Ignore it.
  4. Her Arts always Entertains Her Friends
  5. She Loves J-Pop, Utaites, Utauloids, and Vocaloids. She mostly Sings the Song that She heard until she Memorize it.
  6. She's a Fangirl of Luigikid Gaming
  7. She was Bi since She's currently with Her GF, Haubnas-Kid17. But still, she's also still Attracted to Boys
  8. She's against LaurenlsArt because Lauren has Hurt Her feelings
  9. Her Most Favorited Game is Best Fiends
  10. Her Favorite Characters from it was Howie, Temper, Jojo, Dennis, Buggles, Gordon, Brittle, and Kwincy
  11. Even though she doesn't like the K-Pop Fandom, she respect anyone from the K-Pop Fandom
  12. She Mostly like their Songs than Joining the Fandom
  13. Her Favorite Utaite is MafuMafu
  14. She's not just Like MafuMafu only, but she also likes Soraru, Urata, Sakata, nqrse, Reol, and Amatsuki
  15. MafuMafu is the one who made Her Singing into a High Note such as Snobbism, Alien Alien, etc.
  16. She has an Official AU Called "LS18verse" that has turned out to be Popular!

Bad Qualities

  1. After she Left the Angry Birds Fandom, she starts to Hate on Angry Birds in a Toxic way. But Now she's not.
  2. Since she's not Hating on Angry Birds in a Toxic Way, she has an Interest to Watch Angry Birds Movie 2
  3. She Trusted LaurenlsArt and befriends with her, but Now she's not because Lauren has Hurt Her feelings which makes Her Stressed and has a Huge Depression
  4. She used to Cut Herself with a Ruler after she got Bullied for Telling Name to Her Teacher that still doesn't Know Her Name. WHICH MAKES HER CRIED AND CUTS HERSELF FOR REAL.
  5. Her Scar almost Bleed out after she Cut it with a Ruler Harder
  6. She made Her Friends worried due to Her Huge Depression and wanted to Suicide/Die
  7. She used to Draw with Only Curve Tool and Circle Tool on MS Paint
  8. She used to Harass Dark Pinkie, but Now she's not because she has Forgiven Her with a Speedpaint by Changing Her Behavior.
  9. Because Most People made a Rant of Her, she starts to Change Her Behavior for Hating on Dark Pinkie


  • She's the second Victim of LaurenlsArt, the First one is xXMarioLF-HeroXx
  • She has another Nicknames like "Luigi" and "Chelle"
    • The Name "Luigi" was taken from Her Username because Most People Call Her by that Name for the Most
    • The Name "Chelle" was taken from the "Dank Meme" Bot who give Her name like that after made a Command on Soundrout's Discord Server.
  • She thinks, She likes the Name.
  • She Loves Closed Species such as Snipiliks, Torimoris, Faurians, etc.
  • She also likes Semi-Open/Closed Species such as Bunsharks, Bayfoxes, etc.
  • She Lives in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (Formerly Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia)
  • She Moved Home to Sidoarjo because she was having an Elementary School there but Moved back to Denpasar because Her Father got an Accident
  • Her Oldest Accounts are Listed here:
    • Selnia the Pink Bird (Youtube Channel along with Deviantart Account)
    • AufaAsSelnia (Her Other Old Account)
  • She's also got Harassed by Tim Legion for thinking She's Hating on Yoshi, but she doesn't!
  • She thinks K-Pop is Overrated in Indonesia due to many Fangirls are there.
  • She Mostly RPs with People in Celpectria Legends (Private Discord Server)