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While infamous Atrocious Deviants Wiki (now closed down) exists to call out and gather knowledge and information about deviants who behave atrociously, Talented Deviants Wiki, on the other hand catalogs talented DeviantArt users known for their artistic skills, and also gives popularity boosts to underrated deviants lacking in watchers but with good art styles. It also lists down great features of DeviantArt and valuable groups and services brought by the DeviantArt Community in addition to praising great users.

Disclaimer: this wiki is not affiliated by DeviantArt, nor it's parent company, Wix.


The Wiki was founded by Queenspace/Paula712 somewhere in 2019, but her inexperience with MediaWiki's functions and the lack of proper guidelines and templates caused the wiki's quality to be terrible for a long time and it suffered from many problems such as a broken comments section, untalented users getting pages or making pages for themselves just because they're nice or make memes, and many missing file links. The situation at that point grew so bad in late 2019 that Theresnoname was planning to shut down the wiki entirely, but many users protested against TDW's closure- so he privatized and decided to help renovate it.

While the first phase of renovation was seriously flawed, in early 2020, Popzikles along with the help of a few talented friends and the remaining moderation team decided to do an upscale renovation of the entire wiki, kickstarting the second, and currently most ambitious renovation phase. New policies and guidelines were established, many terrible/badly-made pages were purged during the second phase of the renovation while new templates and categories were created, along with introduction of new standards. After the renovation that Popzikles spearheaded, he'll step down as the owner and willingly demote himself to sysop and establish another user as the new founder for the long-term.

As of today, it is currently unknown when the wiki going to public.


Sorry, no polls currently at moment.

Basic Rules

  1. Like in Amazing YouTubers Wiki, only put deviants and deviant's good art if they got positive feedback.
  2. To learn more about how to make page, look up the 101 page.
  3. It is the best if you make a page on your sandbox. don't release the page if it isn't finished yet.
  4. The deviant must have good-to-great artworks regardless of style, media, number of views and faves, NSFW or not, and exposure. Think of, not everyone can pull something like this. People who repost and do mere edits let alone commit art theft should not be featured.
  5. If the deviant's works are mainly literature, their works must be at least (a) have a good, enjoyable story and storytelling, (b) proper language and free from grammatical errors, (c) neat writing with little to no typo and whatnot.
  6. For ease in making choices, the deviant should show some kind of improvement over time (optional regarding new deviants).
  7. The deviant must behaved properly and did not get into meaningless dispute with other deviants, especially if they were the instigator
  8. Deviants/any deviants suggested by others must be selected by a panel of judges consisting of: TDW admins, preliminary talented artists (artists considered talented by the admins and willing to cooperate as a judge), and Senior artists and/or art critics (regardless of their talent).
  9. To avoiding Art Thievery, don't upload any of deviant's deviation here. if you wish to put known deviant's artwork, put the URL that leads to specific deviant's artwork on the wiki page.
    • Profile pictures and Deviant IDs with author's permission are allowed to upload in this wiki.
  10. Do not add pages that are listed on forbidden list, except those who redeemed themselves and have artworks that qualify.
  11. There are two major headings to use for wiki pages: Why He / She is Talented and Why He / She Rocks. the former is reserved for deviants who is best known for their drawings and creations, while the latter is reserved for deviants who is best known for others than drawings.
    • Misunderstandings, being falsely accused and wrongfully suspended/banned are not considered bad qualities.
    • Policing the internet and fighting other toxic users does not count as talented and good qualities. However, this also tend to be toxic at times.
  12. Do NOT add false and defamatory information to the pages.
  13. Do NOT vandalize each pages.
  14. Do not recreate pages that have already been deleted without asking an admin first.
  15. Respect the admins, unless if they did something wrong.
  16. Revert from generic quotings that don't make sense Such as "She/He Has done good things/Stuff".
  17. Make sure proper grammar is used at all times. If the grammar is improper, try your best to fix it.
  18. If you wish a deletion on a certain page, talk about it in the said certain page's discussion.


  • First time: you're given a warning.
  • Second time: you're blocked for 3 days.
  • Third time: you're blocked for 10 days.
  • Fourth time: you're blocked for 1 month.
  • Fifth time: you're blocked for 1 year.
  • Sixth time: you're kicked from this wiki.

Have fun, and remember, follow these rules!


Have any questions? Have any requests? Contact the following admins.

Retired Admins

These admins are inactive and contacting them is unadvised, as you'll most likely end up screaming into the void.


Written on March 23rd, 2020 by Popzikles

  1. This wiki has been officially taken over by Popzikles and DurandSmith. Prepare for the renovation of your lives.

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