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Nycollas Chrystian Coser also known as NycollasCoser is a Brazilian Male DeviantArt user who joined since Jun 4, 2018.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He is a fan of every Brazilian Sports Organizer mascots especially Vinicius & Tom, who are the mascots of the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  2. His art style is pretty decent and great.
  3. He draws a lot of fan arts and other friend's OCs.
  4. His OCs are very adorable especially his fursona named Nick the Fox.
  5. He also do amazing photoshops.
  6. He created the "My Idols" folder when he fave some of his friends and other people's artworks.

Bad Qualities

  1. He pressures users by threatening suicide if they dont give him the reactions he wants.
  2. He whines around with every chance he gets, always displays his sadness in roleplay form (*cries*, *loses sanity* as examples) and blames the reactions of other Users on him on the Users.
  3. He begs people to watch them during conversations by saying things like "watch me...?" Or "Can you watch me...?" Instead of just letting these eho actually show interest in his art check his is page out.


  • He has a lot of good friends like Jade-the-ravinkitty, KylerawksOCs201, and Makatoons.