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Gender: Female
Type: Student Artist
Date Joined: Oct 1, 2017
Status: Active
Total score: 9

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Yaz Anael (Born January 12, 2004), also known as YazGalToonFan and formerly known as YazFly247, YazFlyChan247 and PinkYazFlyChan is an female Argentinean user and a friend of KittyGemAmazon23, JeagerEX and others.

Why She's Talented

  1. She is a fan of MLP and cartoons.
  2. She do art trades for her friends.
  3. She wrote good journals.
  4. She do blank memes for fun especially on the one who wants to fight with TheCartoonWizard.
  5. She is making amazing collabs, such as GlorysiaMelodyYT as one.
  6. Her other artworks she made are fine.
  7. Called out HowIBecameYours for stealing JeagerEX's artworks at first.
  8. She make good stamps.
  9. Her OC named YazFly/Yazette is very amazing and adorable.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. She accepted the request of Tyler Bowie to draw Claire's OC being tied up for his revenge on June 13 from 2018 (Proof: [1]) Thankfully, she is no longer friends with Tyler as well as she's no longer doing requests anymore. [2]
  2. Before early 2019, she is a toxic Dora the Explorer hater. To this day, she still hates Dora the Explorer, but not making fills in meme out of it.


  • She supports crossover pairings. However, she respects those who do not support that.
  • She is one of the users that have been mentioned by Friendlymrguy.
  • She is friends with many users like KittyGemAmazon23, Paula712, JeagerEX, TheLoudHouse1998, etc.
  • She is against toxic users like Tyler Bowie, Tim Legion, Friendlymrguy, SomethingYaNo7 and Mead1992.
    • Not only the users above but now she's against RosesStella after she received a note from him. Here's the proof.[3]
  • She has been a victim of Tyler Bowie, SomethingYaNo7 and Tim Legion.
  • Previously, she decided to stop being friends with Rainbow Kitty. But now, she is neutral to M1ssRa1nb0w as JeagerEX.
  • Like KittyGemAmazon23, she previously is a member of The-Daisyriots until she left the group after she realized that the original leader CandyPeachFangirl21 is actually a manipulator who blamed for attention.
  • Her current profile picture was created by Serpanade-Toons for her commission.[4]
    • However, she change it sometimes when during the holidays like Halloween and Christmas.