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[[File:ReedAhmad Profile ID.jpg|250px|center|]]
"Stay Safe, Stay Strong~ 💜"
Gender: Male
Type: Student Artist
Date Joined: Feb 7, 2018
Status: Active
Total score: 10

Muhammad Ridhuan Ahmad (Also known as ReedAhmad) is a Malaysian user who makes The Loud House arts, & has been a deviantart user for a year.

Why he's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. He draws Loud House arts, even heartwarming ones. He also draws SMG4 arts.
  2. His sister Rose helps him with his art.
  3. He draws the best heartwarming tribute arts to Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, who tragically committed suicide on July 20, 2017.
  4. He did a heartwarming art featuring Leni Loud, who tells people who suffers from depression & mental helath, to not kill themselves, & get help.
  5. He shares a VERY close bond with his sister, Rose. & his uncle figure, Brendan.

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