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Sakimichan is the pen name of Yue Wang, A young Canadian artist famous for her digital fanart and paintings of popular fictional characters including Johnny Bravo, Sailor Moon, and characters from League of Legends.

Why She is Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. How she draws and colors is AMAZING. She knows how to make her art look photorealistic, simply by drawing and coloring with Photoshop. Her YouTube channel even has videos of how she draws from start to finish.
  2. She also has made a few tutorials that will help other artists learn how to draw and/or color like she does.
  3. She even made Cartoon characters look-like in Anime-style especially in her photorealistic rendition of herself.
  4. She also supports Chinese aspiring artists in fact she has a patreon account to provide access to her fans as well.
  5. Sakimichan has continuously demonstrated that she is a Kindred Spirit and we are delighted to bestow her with the Deviousness Award for December 2017.
  6. She makes Final Fantasy more realistic than the game itself.

The Only Bad Quality[edit | edit source]

  1. She refrained Booru sites from uploading her art except Derpibooru.

Gallery:[edit | edit source]

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