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Gender: Female
Type: Amateur cartoonist
Animation student
Date Joined: Sep 11, 2015
Status: Active
Total score: 8

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Serpanade-Toons is an American Female Deviant who is an Amateur cartoonist and animation student who strives to learn new things.

Why She's Very Talented

  1. She is a fan of her favorite fandoms like Disney and Dream Works.
  2. Her art style is pretty decent and original.
  3. She made decent OCs especially Serpy the Sage who is more attractive.
  4. She made good pixel artworks such as transformation icons and bounce page dolls.


  • She supports crossover pairings but she respects those who do not support that.
  • She has good and nice friends like YazGalToonFan, BrookeTheCookie, Katevelasco, JeagerEX, and AJthePPGfan.
  • She is against trolls, cyberbullies, request spammers and rabid fans.