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Silent-Sid ( also known as Reddanmanic ) is a Deviant from unknown origin, He is friend of Bleedman and he is an aspiring Anime/cartoon artist and as a webcomic artist on his own DeviantArt.

Why He's Talented?![edit | edit source]

  1. Just like in the description, he is an Anime and webcomic artist who works with Bleedman.
  2. Just like Bleedman he creates his own fan-made webcomics like Graywood High.
  3. He is also making awesome rendition and Anime-inspired fan-arts for various cartoon characters from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney channel which is similar to Bleedman's style.
  4. He makes his own T-shirt design based on his own drawings and yeah he sells it on his Twitter, Instagram, Blogspot, Tumblr and YouTube.
  5. Sometimes he do make his own unique OC's

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. He takes money for commision, Although he is making a contest a roulette for deviants for a free fan-art made by him.
  2. For some reason he chooses not to reveal his home country where he lives in for security reasons.
  3. He's against SJWs for being regressive.
  4. there is unconfirmed instances of his work around the web that he is yet to comment on.

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