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Gender: Female
Type: Digital Artist
Date Joined: May 28, 2007
Status: Inactive
Total score: +9

Snowhaven is a Chinese DeviantArt user.

Why She's Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. She puts amazing detail into her arts, even giving of a realistic design.
  2. Her art is elegant and very smooth. They can even be almost photorealistic.
  3. Her anatomy is spot on. Usually, the face, body, hair and muscles are such examples.
  4. Her "APH-Let's show the body" series gives even the most diehard Hetalia fans nosebleeds.
  5. Her arts give off a "shemale-ish" look, which really effects how the picture turns out.
  6. She executes expressions, positioning, backgrounds, contrasts and shading fantastically.

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