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Sonic-fan17 aka Lanette Lassister (born in July 17, 1992 at Harmony, North Carolina) is a Deviant who is a sane, humble and kind Sonic fan and a Pegasister, while liking other franchises such as Pokemon.

Why She is Talentedly Great[edit | edit source]

  1. She is supportive to her friends online.
  2. Some of her OCs are really good.
  3. Although her art isn't that amazing, at least she is improving. She even does remakes of scenes of the shows she watched.
  4. Many of her fanfics are really good and appropriate for all ages.
  5. Unlike most Sonic fanartists and such, she doesn't do any kinds of fetish arts or abuses her use of fanservice drawings, which is a good thing. Same for MLP and Pokemon fans.
  6. She does get along with fans of different kinds of media.
  7. She supports her friends and family.

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