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Kim aka StarryNightSkies24 is an African-American female Deviant who is known for her fanfiction remakes in addition to other kinds of things. Although much of her artworks are colored from bases (and her drawings aren't that teriffic), she is a good Deviant. She is also one of the examples of a Healthy fan while being a part of Toxic Fandoms in different kinds of franchises. She is even one of Emman's friends on the website in addition to being a female counterpart to FrostTheHobidon.

Why She is Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. She tries her best in making Different kinds of fanfiction.
  2. She never gives up in making different types of ideas.
  3. Although she is a part of some of the Toxic Fandoms that inhabit the Website (particularly the Kingdom Hearts, RWBY, Anime and Video Game fandoms), at least she isn't unlike them.
  4. She gets along with other friends who are really nice.
  5. Not only she likes different forms of media, she is also trying interesting new things.
  6. Aside from all of the above, some of her photography posts are good like her Cuisine and Cosplays.