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This list means for the upcoming talented deviants, If you felt that some of these deviants are atrocious, leave it in the talk pages with the reason why that deviant is atrocious, and shall not to be put on this wiki.

NOTE: This is not a sandbox. Use your OWN sandbox to create the pages.

Remember: Once you publish these pages, remove them from this list immediately after its creation. Empty pages/Pages with little to no information/Pages with only stubs but no important details will be deleted from this wiki and should stay on this page.

Deviants that will be added[edit | edit source]

Individual Deviants[edit | edit source]

Artists[edit | edit source]

  1. aayari
  2. Aamypink
  3. absolutedream
  4. Adultlessandfriends
  5. Airumel
  6. AJthePPGfan - A good Powerpuff artist most of his fan-arts are based on 2016-style.
  7. Alexeigribanov - Talented version, not the same as the one in Atrocious Deviants wiki.
  8. AlineSM
  9. Alkanet
  10. AlmirVelovic
  11. AmandaDaHamster
  12. Anarchrist17 (Real Name: Craig Lockart)- A guy who loves to make collages, use meme templates, and submit pictures of food all for fun and supports others who are being harassed and like to make Roleplays with his and his friends Original Characters and used them to make fanfics all for fun.
  13. AndrewDickman
  14. andruchkoanisia - A cool Russian user who makes cute arts.
  15. Anime-Bunny
  16. angelthewingedcat
  17. Anthro-animals-rule
  18. antopainter14
  19. Artgerm
  20. Autumn-Sacura - Drew amazing fanart of older Fire Emblem titles in the past.
  21. Axsens
  22. BaileyAnimations
  23. BigClaudia - Italian Artist and Animator, she used to help the people with art via Discord, Instagram and Deviantart, this artist is known for having a Fairly Oddparents FanCharacter. sometime she gets into DA fights for help the people against the art thives
  24. Beanie122001
  25. bigsheezy
  26. BlackBy - A talented Star Fox artist who draws Krystal.
  27. BlackRhinoRanger (Real Name: Azran Farooq) - he is a Malaysian Deviant in which he is a fan of different kinds of franchises such as the works of Disney (plus Marvel and Star Wars), Skylanders, My Little Pony, Mortal Kombat, Transformers and The Loud House.
  28. BlueCrystalSpider (Real Name: Emman V. Cortez) - a Filipino Deviant who had a variety of interests. Although he can go nuts sometimes, he is improving his art style.
  29. Bluespeedsfan92 (Tiffany) - She is a good Sonic fanartist in addition to her doing drawings of different franchises. She is also a clean and safe Sonic fanartist.
  30. BobbDaBlue479 - One of the owners and creators of the Nation Cats along with Bandettos.
  31. BrendanDoesArt
  32. Brentcherry
  33. BrokenTeapot (Real Name: Michael J. Larson) -
  34. BrookeTheCookieDoggo - a deviant who got stalked and harassed by Tyler Bowie and Twxaxreal.
  35. BurgerKiller
  36. Butter-T - An NSFW Ecchi Artist.
  37. CaffeineQueen1966
  38. Cammiluna
  39. Capitana-Zelda
  40. cellar-fcp (馮展鵬)
  41. CelmationPrince
  42. CherryMintArts
  43. chibi-jen-hen
  44. ChishibeKapuretto - A Very talented Anime/mangaka artist from the Philippines.
  45. Chopfe
  46. Claparo-Sans - The real Deviant, not the impostor art thief.
  47. ComputerPerson745755
  48. Colonel-Knight-Rider - a digital cartoonist and is also the main victim of DookatroopaComedian
  49. cortexrulestheworld (Previously known as Dr-N-Cortex)
  50. CraftytheRaccoonHTF
  51. Cryptid-Creations
  52. CubenRocks
  53. Cushart (Krenz)
  54. Dangerman-1973 (Real Name: Ronaldo Martinez) - Creator of Project: AGU
  55. Daniel-Link
  56. DatLehmon
  57. DDStuff (Dylan Ladd) - The brother of Stephanie Ladd (PokeGirlRULES) who is more talented than his sister.
  58. DellGotTheMunchies
  59. DemiseMAN
  60. DestinyBlue - Unfortunately she has depression due to her Mental problems and trying to recover on her suicidal moments.
  61. DLEDeviant
  62. dmonahan9 - A deaf talented deviant. She is a deaf fan of Thomas and Friends. She's Animedeaf's girlfriend.
  63. donkeysonic
  64. DonOgeIsHere
  65. DoraeArtDreams-Aspy
  66. Dragonrider1227 - A very nice African-American Deviant who is interested in a variety of franchises and did a lot of good fanarts in addition to a variety of good and funny pictures when he is using toys (particularly with Action Figures). He also goes along with Kaitlynoo (one of Emman's friends on the website).
  67. Dreddzilla
  68. elugaDolphin
  69. EarthVsTheDerek
  70. Eli J. Brony
  71. Emperor-CatVI
  72. Enjelicious - A very talented artist from the Philippines, most of her Anime-styled artworks are featured on PSICOM's novels.
  73. EnyaElizart
  74. ERA7
  75. EsmeAmelia
  76. Evuie (Previously known as InternetWaifu) - an anime artist who got harassed by toxic users as well as falsely accused of being a troll by FalconClub9517 along with Bandettos and JeagerEX.
  77. ExiaFan453 - A Deviant who made a call out on Danny Mason a.k.a AutisticArtist97.
  78. Felixthecatfan198
  79. Finnjr63
  80. Fireice64 - A talented user who befriends with JeagerEX and lilianacoppola.
  81. fitzsanchez
  82. Flutterby727 (Samantha Nance) - A student artist who was murdered by her room mate.
  83. FosterEmblem
  84. fox-mccloud
  85. foxykuro
  87. Freak-Ops
  88. freedom-of-faith (Kyah Jessup)
  89. freedomthai aka Princess Hinghoi - A talented Anime artist from Thailand who's famous for drawing MLP artworks and Trap artworks
  90. FrenchFryAlexDeviant
  91. FridgePoetProject
  92. fryguy64
  93. fyre-flye aka Lauren Faust - The main designer and producer of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  94. FUNImation2002 - Unfortunately he has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica.[1]
  95. funakounasoul
  96. gamefanPPG - A Talented artist from Panama known for his Powerpuff-style artworks.
  97. Gamerrobloxian1195
  98. GamingNerd5572
  99. Geibuchan - A Deviant who's also a YTPer, known for his passion on video games and his all-time favorite anime, Azumanga Daioh.
  100. genius-spirit - A talented Deviant who likes to make different fighting game ideas.
  101. GentleAir - a Nut Job fan as well as being a fan of other animated movies who is against toxic users such Friendlymrguy, RosesStella, and JigglypuffQueen9000.
  102. Glee-chan - A DC fan-artist most of her artworks are based on Glen Murakami's Teen Titans (TV series) and Anime artist as well, Although she is a bit of a Toxic TTG hater.
  103. Glumichbossuel
  104. Granitoons
  105. Great-Star-Mangaka - A French Anime artist, most of his artworks are seemingly Ecchi and NSFW.
  106. GreenTeaNeko- An Anime and NSFW Artist from Singapore.
  107. griffsnuff (Tinasect)
  108. guiltytuff - One of Scooter's Friends
  109. haganef - An NSFW Ecchi Artist of famous Anime charcters as well as OC's in Ecchi way.
  110. Haileykittydoesart
  111. Hananon - A very talented Anime artist from Indonesia.
  112. Haze-Toons
  113. Heroicsonnyjim - One of KittyGemAmazon23's friends
  114. Higure-san - A talented Mega Man artist who made his own Net Navi designs and also one of the designers who works for the fan game called MMBN Chrono X.
  115. HuskyCrescent
  116. HyaKkiDouR4n
  117. Hyanna-Natsu
  118. hybridmink
  119. Hyrotrioskjan
  120. Inez Thomas
  121. Ini-Inayah
  122. Inma
  123. inubiko
  124. IzaStarArtist17
  125. JacquesStafford
  126. JasonLukeGarner
  127. JaviSuzumiya - Although he makes a lot of NSFW arts, he's genuinely a nice person and also a victim of other toxic users like WubbaWankStain69 and PablotheCailloufan24.
  128. JayAxer
  129. JayTrexe - an Amazing Filipina Deviant who does fanarts in Anime and Manga style, especially with those with The Loud House.
  130. JBWarner86
  131. Jerimin19 - A very talented artist from the Philippines known for PPG and MLP artworks, unfortunately she became deceased when she jumped down into the floor at a Mall.
  132. j-fujita - Japanese anthro artist who has drawn amazing pictures of Krystal from Star Fox among a few other fictional characters.
  133. jgss0109
  134. jhayarr23 - An MLP vectoring artist from the Philippines and is a brony.
  135. Jheralde
  136. JinNeko12 (Jin Seok-Bang)
  137. jiuge (Yang Fan)
  138. JJSponge120
  139. JMx64
  140. JoeyHensonStudios
  141. JoeyWaggoner
  142. Kabi-Chu
  143. KahoOkashii
  144. Kainsword-Kaijin
  145. KalloFox34
  146. KallyToonsStudios
  147. Kanoii-chi
  148. karma-koopa
  149. Kate-FoX
  150. KateTheRaccoon
  151. katevelasco
  152. KatouShinobu
  153. Katsuvy
  154. KawaiiSugarSweets
  155. Kazenokaze
  156. Kean-0
  157. KeenH
  158. keitenstudio
  159. KelRain (Previously Mysticaya-Arts) (Kelly Lee-Rae)
  160. KingofSupremeChaos
  161. Kofihime
  162. KokoTala
  163. koopaul
  164. Kosperry
  165. Koveliana - A Pegasister who's good at making Anthro anime-inspired MLP arworks.
  166. koyamori
  167. KyleBoy21
  168. KYMG
  169. LadyGT
  170. ladylaguna
  171. LajosJancsi
  172. Lamescoolie
  173. larienne
  174. LawNielleRIMM (Formerly Lawnielle)
  175. Lbely - A user who was harassed by PokeGirlRULES
  176. LDEJRuff - A pretty good Family Guy fan
  177. LeeHatake93
  178. Leoparda-a-la-HTF
  179. lilianacoppola - A talented user who befriends with FireIce64 and JeagerEX
  180. LilMRB127 - A talented user who is a huge Mii fan and befriends Animedeaf.
  181. LinePencilArtXX
  182. Linzero - A female Canadian artist who made a comic based on the unfinished Beast Wars episode, "Dark Glass".
  183. Lipatov - A Ukrainian black & white artist.
  184. LiyuConberma - A Sonic fan, a non-toxic one.
  185. LocalGeekPride000
  186. loish
  187. Loopy-Lupe
  188. Lotusbandicoot
  189. Lucy051
  190. Lukesamsthesecond
  191. Lygiamidori - Talented version, not the same as the one in Atrocious Deviants wiki.
  192. LyricOfficial - An amazing artist who does stuff when he's bored.
  193. MaHenBu
  194. ManicMagician
  195. Mari945 - A very talented digital artist from Pakistani.
  196. MarissasArt - A Deviant who loves to draw robots as well as she made fan arts of JeagerEX's Cyber Hero series. She is also a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba.
  197. MasaBowser
  198. Mastergamer20
  199. Mast3R-RAINB0W
  200. Matthew250 - a deviant who got harassed by Friendlymrguy
  201. MDTArtist83
  202. Mega-Shonen-One-64 (formerly MarcosPower1996) - Thanks to Emman's advice in which it is told on Messenger, he is now trying to forget his bad past and do something completely different, like making fanmade posters. (His redemption phase and other parts of his good self can be included).
  203. meilindraws
  204. Melody-Chan3493
  205. MexicanDrawingBoi - One of Scooter's Friends
  206. MiaTheCrystalGem
  207. Mickey892 - A Deviant who is against Harry-Topper, Tyler Bowie, ZacharyKnox222, and UttaFilth
  208. mickeyelric11 - An extremely talented user known for their “Toy Girls” series artwork.
  209. MiitopianOliveDA
  210. Mintaka-TK - She makes a lot of talented stamps.
  211. MissMcCloud - A very talented Star Fox artist.
  212. Misty-Daisy
  213. Miyukitty
  214. Miyuli- (real name Julia) A talented artist who lives in Japan and makes very well drawn fan art of anime. She also has 3 webcomics.
  215. Mizcz90
  216. Mizumoi
  217. Moniquethearts
  218. Moosiful
  219. MoskiDraws
  220. moxie2d
  221. Mrcappy - Draws great fanart.
  222. Mroyer782 - A Deviant who made many blank memes for fun as well as his other art are entertaining.
  223. Mushy-Sugar-Chan - A deviant who deactivated her account after being harassed by Snivyshylover and Trisha611. Also having stomach cancer in real life.
  224. Muwa12
  225. Napasitart
  226. Naaraskettu
  227. nebezial
  228. Nekoshei
  229. Nelde - A Swiss artist who drew amazing Paper Mario art.
  230. NemaoHTF
  231. Nemoleegreen343
  232. NeoArtCore
  233. nightwing1975
  234. ninjakingofhearts
  235. Nintendrawer - A very good Nintendo artist.
  236. NitrusBrio68
  237. NoreenCreatesStuff - She publishes entertaining art, but she was obsessed with PJ Masks until she made her OC give up on Catboy and made her OC be with Peter Parker, instead. Now she redeemed her toxic behavior and started to like Catboy X Owlette, as of now.
  238. NottyTiffy/Fast-Runner-2024
  239. o-kemono
  240. Orcaleon
  241. ozwaldojimenez11 - A Very talented Mexican Loud House fan who also loves to do Superhero and Dragon Ball fanart.
  242. PeasOnNoggin12
  243. persocon93
  244. Phil-cho - A known DC fan-artist who draws his own fanmade DC universe called Earth-27.
  245. PoodgeYT
  246. Popzikles
  247. Princess-Josie-Riki
  248. PrinceSpikeRoseredII
  249. Pumpkin-Pai
  250. PurfectPrincessGirl
  251. Pyrus Leonidas
  252. Rafael-Domination - A talented comic Canadian artist.
  253. raizy
  254. RandomPerson1146 - A Deviant who makes fictional channels and TV logos towards to his fellow watchers.
  255. Raya100 - A Deviant with decent bondage fetishes who became a victim of ZacharyKnox222's spamming requests.
  256. Rayryan90 - A very good African-American Deviant, though much of his work had a lot of Fanservice-y stuff.
  257. RedDasherCAS -An awesome American artist who makes exciting arts.(previously MaxRedDasher)
  258. RedeRupert - Like RandomPerson1146, he made good fictional channels and TV logos towards to his fellow watchers.
  259. Redjet00 - Another Ecchi artist.
  260. RedRimmedGlasses -A cool female American artist who creates exotic girls such as Miyukki.
  261. Rinspirit-Art
  262. Riukime
  263. Rong-Rong
  264. Rossali - one of the most popular animators on YouTube
  265. Ruz18 - A very talented deviant but unfortunately died because of brain aneurysm and being defamed by Tyler Wilson.
  266. Ry-Spirit - Another Pokémon fan-artist.
  267. Sakura-Hien
  268. SammyD-Productions
  269. SamuelSonic2206
  270. sandara
  271. ScarletZeL
  272. ScooterKittyBoy - A Deviant who has been cyberbullied by TylerBendy.
  273. Selkina2000
  274. sendrawz - An Ecchi artist, He is an artist who's also a fan of Wiz from the Anime/manga/novel series KonoSuba
  275. SFG1235Deviantart
  276. ShyKittyDesigner - Another Mucha Lucha! Fan-Artist
  277. SigurdHosenfeld
  278. Slugbox
  279. SmoothCriminalGirl16 (Shannen Ngo) - A Vietnamese-American Deviant who is a healthy and sane fan of different kinds of franchises and musicians (particularly with Michael Jackson).
  280. Snifer25 - A Yuri, NSFW and gore artist. Parental warning: Most of his artworks contains NSFW features so brows at your own risk!
  281. SomeDoodNamedJack
  282. SpiralHope55
  283. Spitshy - Although her old artworks are pretty… not kid-friendly.
  284. Spongefox
  285. Squira130
  286. StarFox-Saiyan
  287. StarMischief - A very creative user with a large cast of colorful characters. Does a lot of art trades and commissions.
  288. stefangrosjean
  289. StormwingUncaged
  290. StretchNSnort
  291. SuperCoolRaven
  292. sumisumii
  293. SuperSmashChey (previously Cheysmisadventures)
  294. Svoidist - An Ecchi digital artist
  295. Syoa-Kun - A very talented Anime artist from the Philippines, unfortunately he's inactive by now.
  296. TalionOfGondor
  297. TamarinFrog
  298. Tanamyyy
  299. TeagBrohman15 - A user who has been harassed by MinecrafterDE15.
  300. Tee-J
  301. TeiRaven
  302. TessMcGrath (Real Name: Tess Seward McGrath) - A deviant from Maryland who is a fan of Rick and Morty and other shows.
  303. thebestmlTBM
  304. TheBlankNBri
  305. TheBourgyman
  306. The-Butcher-X
  307. TheFreshKnight - a very good Gravity Falls and Loud House fanartist.
  308. The-Man-Of-Tomorrow
  309. Themrock
  310. TheNexusOnDA
  311. Thiago082
  312. TimzUneeverse
  313. TOFUProductionz - Draws amazing Fire Emblem art.
  314. Toivoshi - A talented artist from Finland who drew amazing Fire Emblem fanart.
  315. TomoDX5
  316. TopperHay
  317. tortor12123 - An Ecchi artist from Thailand
  318. Toughset
  319. Travis the Dragon
  320. Treythonton19 - He's a really good African-American Deviant. He's also considered to the the Cleaner version of Rayryan90 for those who don't want to see fanservice-y moments all the time.
  321. TriadSentuary
  322. trunks24
  323. TsaoShin
  324. TyranitarDude
  325. UltimateChris
  326. UnraveledSuccubus
  327. Vayreceane - An Indonesian Anime artist, currently drawing Azur Lane fan-arts.
  328. Veemonsito
  329. VGAfanatic
  330. viria13
  331. Virtuous-Bunny
  332. virus-g
  333. Vividan - One of Scooter's Friends and also a Talented Artists.
  334. vixvargas
  335. Wanaca90
  336. wii-little-sunflower (Formerly maddieandmrblik)
  337. WhiteFox89
  338. Willanator93
  339. WishmasterAlchemist
  340. Witchking00
  341. WumoWumo
  342. xandermartin98 - Too bad that his DA account was deactivated.
  343. Xenaheliodor
  344. xeternalflamebryx
  345. X-MechaXilent-X26 - He is against pedophilla, can create good stamps (such as pointing out the toxic sides to Loud House's fanbase), and doesn't act like a typical cartoonaboo.
  346. YamsGarden
  347. Yardley
  348. YessieMaltese
  349. YoMiO-Lin
  350. YoshiMan1118
  351. yuumei
  352. Zahir678 - A Deviant from Bangladesh who is known for his OC, Yakito Taichi.
  353. Zamiiz (Known as Zamii070 on her Tumblr) - A talented Steven Universe fan, unfortunately she was bullied and almost committed suicide just for drawing Rose Quartz skinny despite the fact that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond and is actually skinny all along!
  354. ZArtist2017 - A talented artist from San Diego who draws amazing art, mainly from Butch Hartman's shows like the Fairly OddParents.
  355. ZeonSniper
  356. Zewo-Kun
  357. Zolaida

Source: Top 100 Deviants and TopTens.

Critics and Reviewers[edit | edit source]

  1. dark-Kunoichi92
  2. DeviantCringe
  3. SolarSands

Rendering Artists[edit | edit source]

Artists who don't draw but preferred to renderize any characters from various Anime, cartoon, video game and comic book heroes of DC and Marvel.'

  1. Chronophontes - A male user who supports his friend KelRain.
  2. Clublion - An Azur Lane renderer.
  3. DeathToTotoro - Renderer and wallpaper editor.
  4. Edgina36 - An Anime renderer.
  5. JinxSG -
  6. jose7220 - A Neptunia rendering artist.
  7. kawacy
  8. kemzlophe
  9. Kuzira - An Indonesian renderer and wallpaper artist.
  10. OtakuRenders-Service - Another rendering artist posting both SFW and NSFW works.
  11. ReineLumiere - Date A Live fan rendering artist and she uploads wallpaper of the popular Anime/wallpaper as well.
  12. Remchi301 - Ecchi rendering artist from Philippines.
  13. Shugo19
  14. snitchpogi12- He's not just a Rendering artist he's also a Date A Live and PPGD fan. Not just that but also a memer and photoshop manipulator as well.
  15. StrangeAddict

Character creator Artists[edit | edit source]

Artists who don't draw but preferred to recreate any characters from various Anime, cartoon, video game and comic book heroes using character creators and doll makers like Kisekae, Gacha, Rinmaru Games, Gen8 Chibi maker, etc.

  1. ConanRock
  2. Coolbeanz-Kakashi
  3. Elfearskis
  4. gen8
  5. Gugunet-26 - A Kisekae artist who has supported by JeagerEX.
  6. JusticeStalk
  7. LunimeGames - Creator of the Gacha series
  9. Myterritory20
  10. NekoLover3000
  11. Neppedupplayer
  12. Rinmaru
  13. SakuraRoseLily
  14. SarahFaded510
  15. Sinal32 -A friendly NSFW Kisekae artist who is against incest and pedophilia. He's Animedeaf's friend.
  16. sunnyDg
  17. TinyCutieSherry
  18. Unkoss
  19. Walffle4Walfas

Photographers[edit | edit source]


Others[edit | edit source]

  1. BendyPuffs
  2. XXCryBabyClockXx
  3. FerrariLamborghini
  4. JekyllAndHydeChannel
  5. Mebrouk - A deviant who used to be a homophobe and niche audience shows hater, but has now redeemed, acting mature, and now even against homophobia. Also against other extremely toxic users like WubbaWankStain69 and PabloteCailloufan24.
  6. xxphilipshow547xx
  7. SapphireLover4Ever - A user who against Tyler Bowie, but suddenly he always got deactivated due to any drama that occurred.
  8. shadowkyurem15
  9. Toongod - A Finnish user who makes GIFs of various media with female characters, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, MGM cartoons, Striperella, St.Olie's "Caviar" music video, and the Cowey "Frisk Energie" commercial, among others. Parental warning: some GIFs might be NSFW.
  10. TractorTom2003 - A user who calls out some immature users like Danny Mason and Tyler Bowie.

Fanbases and Groups[edit | edit source]

  1. CubenRocksGroup
  2. Defy-PokeStereotypes
  3. F-Zero-club
  4. Love for Chris
  5. Love for Elise
  6. The Scorbunny Network
  7. The-Temmieriots

Deviants that cannot be added here[edit | edit source]

Only deviants who are very atrocious can be in this section. These don't include any random deviants who are just controversial to an innocent deviant in order to avoid any possible cause of drama.

Individual Deviants[edit | edit source]

  1. 707Fangirl - An art thief, cyberbully, and a hypocrite who brainwashed the dA staff for no reason.
  2. 8Horns - He draws porn of various fictional characters and is a convicted sexual offender. Doesn't deserve a page on this wiki.
  3. AceMoonThunder - He is old news, but is an underage user who had a huge hatred for Lana Loud and stole someone's persona.
  4. Alex Mae Muholland - She's very toxic and extremely immature.
  5. anderypaixao - A hypocritical liar who treats deviantArt like PornHub and has an OC which is just Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat but with shades. He doesn't deserve to be on this wiki
  6. anniemae04 - Is infamous for drawing disgusting art of Sonic pairings and underage characters. Should never have a page on this wiki.
  7. AntiRex3000 - That user is just nothing but an immature bully who trash talking, cusses out, and pretends to kill others! So Please No!
  8. ArtieKnightYT - OH GOD PLEASE NO!!! He is an extremely toxic, racist, sexist, homophobic, and immature user who forces people to do whatever he tells them to do, forces people to open up requests whenever they close up their requests, and CANNOT TAKE CRITICISM AT ALL!!!
  9. arvinsharifzadeh/Arvin-S-Sweet-Guy - This user's gallery is awful and rather not appealing.
  10. Ati-Meerkat / Atimon - While she is no longer on the site, she drew disturbing art of Timon and other Lion King characters and was a massive drama queen. Does not deserve a page.
  11. AutisticArtist97 - That user who uses autism as an excuse to get away from trolls and cannot handle any criticism at all, if you give any criticism, he will reply back to you, block you, and make a journal about you. Please no!
  12. avispaneitor - Rabid crossover fan who draws pictures of various characters in love with or getting attacked by the hyenas from The Lion King. He also puts the hyenas in zoophilic crossover ships with various human characters from other series. Does not deserve a page here.
  13. Axel-the-Jackal - he used to suicide threatement for blackmail anyone who don't executes his order, he used to ask people to draw custom adopts and then sell them, he even manipulates to ask free art to others on Discord
  14. Bart-Toons - Not until he stops his wrongdoings. A xenophobic and racist manchild who hates Japan. And even he supports Loudcest!
  15. bbmbbf - This sicko draws cartoon porn. Despite drawing well, he still should never have a page here due to his disgusting tastes.
  16. BeeWinter55 - No, please!
  17. Ben-the-looney - No, please! He draws disgusting art.
  18. BlueCatRiolu - One of the worst users on the site.
  19. BrainyxBat - Please, No! She ships Shenzi with every character she sees.
  20. bubbles46853 - While he does have a good opinion on Peri from Fire Emblem Fates, he's still too atrocious to have a page here due to being obsessed with disgusting fetishes of various animated characters and being a supporter of TheHyenasSBE/AnthroArtCreations.
  21. CandyPeachFangirl21 - A false leader of the Daisyriots who claimed to be innocent and being hacked by PIGEON-POT-PIE but suddenly it appears to be collaborated with the Peachriots according to some innocent users who harassed by Friendlymrguy. Please no! She is not an innocent user but a manipulator.
  22. CheerBearsFan - Crossover shipper, this time he does it with his own plush toys. Puts Sonic in a relationship with both Rainbow Dash and Fuli and made them kiss him.
  23. Christian80s2nd - A Roleplaying cyberbully. It is also the main enemy of Rainbow Kitty before she caused a lot of drama.
  24. Claire-Cooper - Trace artist, base artist and crossover shipper. Should never have a page on this wiki.
  25. ColossalStinker - She draws fetish art, is very mean and doesn't care about how other users feel.
  26. CottonCatTailToony - Draws herself with big breasts and paired off with various fictional characters. Is also a friend of AnthroArtCreations/TheHyenasSBE.
  27. CristaliZafiroToon - Nasty Pedo! He got arrested for child porn.
  28. DALife32 - a tracer who has stolen many drawings, and makes accounts just to evade her ban. She doesn't deserve to have her page here.
  29. Darthmaul1999 - Draws Rule 34 and crossover art of Lion King and Lion Guard characters. Even defends Rule 34 art of them.
  30. Dev-Catscratch - For making weird and unusual fetish drawings on even underage characters.
  31. DookatroopaComedian - That user is acting crazy. So please NO!!
  32. DuskMindAbyss - Rabid Karel hater, according to this meme. Seems to have an unhealthy obsession with waifus and making tier lists. He doesn't deserve a page on this wiki.
  33. EddyBite87 - Occasionally draws hate art. Drew a picture of Ed the hyena licking Luan Loud's face.
  34. EllentheApeGirl - Even though she is old news now, but she still was an atrocious user who likes and defends Pooh's Adventures that she should never have a page here.
  35. FalconClub9517 - A Pseudo-American who supports Tyler Bowie, can't accept any criticism about his country and accuses Bandettos and InternetWaifu as trolls.
  36. fat-labrador - a user who is well-known for faking his death.
  37. Friendlymrguy - A troll who keeps making new accounts and continuing his cyberbullying behavior.
  38. FuPoo - Absolutely not. He has an unhealthy obsession with Splash Woman and Roll and he makes disgusting fanart out of the former.
  39. gummybears12345
  40. Harry-Topper - A user who spams NSFW requests and also a predecessor of Tyler Bowie.
  41. HowIBecameYours - An art thief who is known for shamelessly stealing art from JeagerEX at the first place then a number of his watchers/friends followed by other users who aren't JeagerEX's, though he's also a white knight of Tyler Bowie and AutisticArtist97. Please NO! Because HE STOLE ARTWORKS!
  42. ILoveSocialism - He is a SJW and a black supremacist who celebrated the death of Jerimin19.
  43. IncestLove124
  44. Jamesgang100 - A homophobic user towards the LGBT Community.
  45. Jarmasea
  46. JigglypuffQueen9000 - A user who's well known for disrespecting opinions by attacking everyone that like couples she hate (even going to make hate art about a person) but also (and especially) for being a hypocrite, like bashing anyone that ship an OC with a canon character while she did same. She even blocked an user who tried to help her and making her understanding her mistakes on a polite way, but obviously didn't take it well, meaning she couldn't handle a single bit of negativity against her. She's also a very abysmal anti-SJW person because she keeps insulting flat-chested women (she even bashed a user for not drawing breasts to a girl, a girl who's a kid), she's very disrespecful toward overweight girls, as she commented a picture by saying "overweight girls are ugly" and also, she called Star vs the Forces of Evil a sjw show, while the show is not despite few sjw bits but not too disturbing. (Hating a show is alright, but bashing someone for liking one is not.) She's also homophobic but she DOES like a yuri ship involving Avocado and Matcha, showing how hypocrite she is. Even more hypocrite: She claims to hate fetish but have fetish on oversized breasts and oversexualised women. She's also a complete liar.
  47. Jiminycricketfan007 - She deactivated her account and is old news, now.
  48. Johnbartus2014 - Is a friend of AnthroArtCreations/TheHyenasSBE. Drew disgusting pornographic art at times.
  49. JohnnyATV - Toxic white knight of Stage-Burner. PLEASE NO!!!
  50. Jose-Ramiro - He draws disturbing fetish art and crossover pairing art. Should not have a page on this wiki.
  51. Justicesquad - A toxic fan of Dora and a religious fanatic.
  52. KooboriSapphire - A rabid Pixar hater who loathes anything Pixar.
  53. Kuigi-the-demon - Ships Fox McCloud with Cream the Rabbit in one picture. Doesn't draw well and only uses GMod. Unless he decides to remove all of his Fox x Cream pictures, he should never have a page here.
  54. kylgrv - Drew a few awful crossover pictures and is a member of the Pooh's Adventures community. Does not deserve a page.
  55. LauraSelenaAntonia (She is also know as her new account called luanloud123) - An art thief who stole many vectors from many other users without their permission. Even she calls people "dumb" for no reason.
  56. lcgyzma1 - Crossover shipper and fanbaby artist. Should never have a page on this wiki.
  57. legoben2 - immature Five Nights at Freddy's Fan who makes disgusting fan art. He even bashes on Mario and Sonic just because of their fanbases doing cringey stuff but does not hate on Five Nights at Freddy's for the Five Nights at Freddy's Fanbase doing the same thing, Including himself!
  58. lopez765 - Crossover shipper and fanbaby artist. She even made a Sonic x Fuli fanbaby, based one of the worst crossover ships out there. Should not have a page on this site.
  59. Luigipro47 - That user who is known for throwing toxic drama, lied about his age multiple times, using the N word, claims to have a girlfriend on DeviantArt, and got Vabessa2006 (who is 12 years old) involved in an NSFW roleplay. Please No!
  60. Madarao123 - Please, NO. He has an unhealthy obsession with the hyenas from The Lion King/Guard and sometimes has sexual thoughts about them. See Shenzi's Creepy Secret or the Origin of Janja and Cheezi for more details.
  61. MamaYuki
  62. MasterofJewish - That user keep send his expose video to every single deviants he found and harasses and spams on innocent users like GreenMemeDreamer.
  63. MCsaurus - Draws fat art of various characters. His art looks worse than what a little kid can draw.
  64. MikeJEddyNSGamer89 - PLEASE, NO.
  65. MinecrafterDE15 - ABSOLUTELY NOT. He's a German teenage user who spams requests of the Loud House fanart and constantly insists that the Loud family lives in some other place that isn't Royal Woods, Michigan without giving a logical reason because...potatoes.
  66. MockingjayBases - Tracer, base user and perverted crossover shipper. Is a friend of ex-user Weaselbear. Also gets into drama and does not respect opinions of those who disagree.
  67. Nayzak - NO GOD PLEASE NO! A Religious fanatic who believes that Islam is a superior religion of all as he draws Hate-Arts of Non-Islamic artworks despite the fact that his Artworks are pretty good unfortunately he just wasted his own talents for his own bigotry.
  68. NidoPan - Whiny defender of the worst scum on this site. Goes around making "hate stamps" and "hate pictures" of other users just because they don't agree with them on awful crossover ideas.
  69. NuggetTheBalloonGirl - a female deviantart user who makes inflation art.
  70. Oeboinez/SmasherETHAN/Splat-Ethan - That guy is requesting fetish artists to draw other girls to get in fetish situations specially in vore. To be honest, he's NOT allowed here.
  71. Officer-JudyHopps - An unhealthy RBUK hater who does stupid and cringy hate pics (including a rape pic), won't respect opinions, and blocks people who criticize or try to help her.
  72. ParallaxTheDarkOne - Controversial reasoning.
  73. PhantomBlue224 - Supports crossover pairings and makes fanbabies of them.
  74. Pinocchiofan4ever - Even though she's old news now, she still was an awful bully of a user who hates autistic people.
  75. PlumpieBombshell - being atrocious to the Kisekae community because of his scamming, hypnotizing, and stalking attitude. Please NO!!
  76. PokeGirlRULES - NO PLEASE AGAIN! She is a user who harassed and cyberbullies other users especially she called Lbely the "B" word as well as she said something rude to Nika aka TheRandomStranger123 and the worst thing, she made a hate art out of jenniferthehuman.
  77. PrincessElizabeth013 - She happens to be one of the most hated users on DeviantArt. She attacked JINXDROWNED and claimed that Shadow The Hedgehog loves her OC which happens to be a Mary Sue/Recolor.
  78. Rath-Raholand - Drew disgusting art and horrible crossover/cosplay art of certain characters as those from other series that doesn't make sense. He should never have a page here.
  79. RetroUniverseArt - Even though he reformed now, he still shouldn't have a page on this wiki due to the fact that he used to be part of the atrocious Pooh's Adventures community.
  80. RosesStella - Please no! He's an art theft who sent death threats towards innocent users via notes. It even continues to create accounts without stopping to avoid its prohibition and continue to threaten users with notes to inappropriate pornography links to innocent users.
  81. SacaenSwordMaster - An awful and mean user with a cringy gallery, and according to her journal, she was arrested once.
  82. safetymaskfan123 - A Deviant who force other users to do gas mask fetish arts for him and lashes out with threats and insults at them for not immediately giving what he wants, for deciding to stop or declining at the start. He rudely orders any users who blocked him to unblock him, and publicly shames them. Also he calling people out for bullying him, in which he has sent his friend to target them. Please NO!
  83. SammirTheBear444 - He claims that he has improved, BUT NO! He still harasses people who have blocked him to unblock him so he can harass them more, and he cannot take criticism AT ALL!
  84. SegaDisneyUniverse - Drew a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog and Fuli (The Lion Guard) together. Even though they're portrayed as enemies in that picture, the artist still should never have a page on this site unless he redeems himself.
  85. Simoncaneplz - This user doesn't want his page to be on this wiki.
  86. Sketch-Shepherd/ShinyWhiteWaters – A toxic Land Before Time sequel hater.
  87. Snivyshylover - A ban evader, cyberbully, and an art thief.
  88. SomethingYaNo7 - A guy who is almost bad at drawing and created other accounts to harass innocent users like UnblockMe55, ImSorry17 and AnonymousUser15.
  89. SonicTeam765 - Prefers crossover ships over same series ships, such as preferring Sonic with Rainbow Dash instead of being with Amy Rose, for example. Often starts out drama for no reason.
  90. SonichuChrisChan - HECK NO!!
  91. Soraheartsforme - A user who supports awful crossover ideas and weird fetishes. Does not deserve a page on this site.
  92. SquadHater2002 - HECK. NO. He's a toxic Fairly OddParents fan, a pedophile, a hypocrite, a liar, a vandal, and an immature user who cannot take any criticism, he supports Loudcest and defends "Brawl in the Family" and "No Such Luck".
  93. Stuprum - A deviant who infamous for drawing other people's OCs in graphic ways including sexual and gory situations without their permission. To be honest, please no!
  94. SuicideSquadArchives - No please! This user is a request spammer just like ZacharyKnox222
  95. SuperDrewBros - This user lashes out on other people over his requests. Please NO!
  96. SuperMarioFan65 - Despite making a few good stamps, he is a crossover shipper who doesn't deserve a page on this site. He's also friends with BrainyxBat and Claire-Cooper who are both toxic.
  97. Stage-Burner - Toxic K-Pop fangirl who falsely accused Leonidafremov as NOMAP pedophile and has a fierce hatred towards AudiomachineForLife, CristaliAndStalin, IndecentFriends and Jerimin19. Even supports DD/LG. Does not deserve a page on this site.
  98. Starrceline/Starrtoon - Falsely accusing abortion for serious crimes like racism (how exactly aborting a fetus is "discriminating a race?"), genocide and famine, called abortion "Worse than Hitler" (How exactly aborting a fetus is worse than killed 6 million Jews in World War II????)
  99. Sweet-corn-flakes - Not only she is a crossover shipper who disrespects opinions, but she's also a rabid Princess Peach hater and is sexually attracted to bishies. Should not have a page here.
  100. TheCartoonWizard - A user who says that he wants to fart on or brutally murders characters he hates who others love, treats people with no respect and trashed their opinions, he can't make good artwork of anything and acts like a toxic user.
  101. TheHyenasSBE / AnthroArtCreations - PLEASE NO! He is one of, if not, the worst and most infamous user on DeviantArt. He infamously killed his brother by accident, draws pornographic furry art, drew a few crossover pictures and is an overall drama king. He and his friends don't deserve to be added here, especially himself because of his accidental murder.
  102. TheWizardofOzzy - Sick creep. He calls any female user he's friendly to, his "girlfriend".
  103. TimLegionFederationa - A deviant who makes horrendous photos and did nasty things and cyberbullying against other innocent users.
  104. Timon-Berkowitz - Drew disgusting art of Timon in a bikini.
  105. Tiny-Toons-Fan - That user blocks those who support ZaDr.
  106. Toad900 - Ships Cream the Rabbit with not only Tails, but also with Fox McCloud.
  107. ToonEGuy - A nostalgist who hates 3-D animation and treats 2-D animation like a god.
  108. Toongirl18 - Friend of AnthroArtCreations/TheHyenasSBE.
  109. Trextrex65 - Another homophobic and racist user towards Japan who trolling Godzilla, Undertale, Touhou Project fans and innocent deviants.
  110. Trisha611 - NO NO NO NO!!! A toxic Dora The Explorer fanatic, spamming, send death threats to other deviants who did nothing wrong or tells her friends to block those deviants, make Mushy-Sugar-Chan leave DeviantArt, accusing Bandettos, Poop-is-life, RedeKamafa as atrocious deviants and manipulating people to defend her. Also a toxic white knight of Tyler Bowie.
  111. TrustaMann
  112. twisted-images - Big NO! This user drew awful crossover art of Karel as Sephiroth (one of the worst crossovers ever), and still hasn't been deleted off the site yet despite moving to another profile.
  113. Twxaxreal - A Toxic Metal Slug fanboy who harassed other users in the Metal Slug community as well as he harassed KapooyDeWaffleMaster and partly responsible on Yoshifan1219's account deactivation due to him making a false journal claiming he was a bad guy. PLEASE NO!
  114. Tyler Bowie - A Pedophile and stalker who keep requesting underaged fictional characters being tied up. Even he keeps whining to his white knights putting up a lot of chaos. PLEASE NO!
  115. usermicko - a user who caused a lot of drama, spreading lies about joethegreatfox by calling him an "annoying idiot boy", stealing and vandalize other innocent user's artworks and begging someone to unblock him. Since he almost made another innocent user to leave dA, he doesn't deserve to have his page here. PLEASE, NO!!
  116. UttaFilth - He's a rude over dramatic edgy childish stalker who draws men being gross.
  117. Vaati Rants - Another homophobic user just like Jamesgang100.
  118. Virus-20 - Drew disgusting fat art of various fictional characters.
  119. Weaselbear - HECK NO! This deactivated user was among one of the worst crossover shippers on the site, has a horrible temper and ships crossover pairings, makes fanbabies of said crossover pairings, is also disrespectful to others' opinions.
  120. WubbzyFan13 - PLEASE NO! He ships Wubbzy (as "himself") with females older than him (which means he's promoting pedophilia), makes cringy edits, not handle criticism, and steal art.
  121. WubbaWankStain69 - OH HELL NO! He is a SJW, big bully, hate artist, incest shipper, harasser, death threather and one of the biggest Bart-Toons white knights around. Just because he is against JaviSuzumiya (who makes NSFW arts and is often accused of being a pedophile) doesn't mean he is good, he is extremely toxic, cruel and mean, and even brainwashed the staff to ban Mebrouk!
  122. YalociYena - Trace artist who is a friend of TheHyenasSBE/AnthroArtCreations.
  123. YoshiWii1 - Stalker, pedophile, insulted more groups of people, has no concern for his fellow men and women, and refuses to listen to reason.
  124. ZacharyKnox222 - A request spammer who spamming art requests to draw Raya100's characters without her permission. Please no!
  125. Zaush - Despite being one of the most popular people in the furry fandom, he is actually a scumbag who draws porn, so don't be fooled. He has also done many bad things in real life as well.

Fanbases and Groups[edit | edit source]

  1. Any deviants who are wanted by the dA-Police-Force - They are all NOT welcome here in this wiki since they are also committing crimes in reality.
  2. Any deviant who is (or was) a member of the Pooh's Adventures community.
  3. Any deviants who are Social Justice Warriors.
  4. Any deviants who are MAPs or NOMAPs.
  5. Any Deviants who supports immature users like Tyler Bowie as well as making a gift art for them and welcoming them as new watchers.
  6. Any deviants that is a member of theHyenasSBE-Group, and any deviant who's a friend of AnthroArtCreations, because of consistent zoophilia.
  7. Any toxic deviants who support crossover pairings, especially the ones who make fanbabies out of them.
    • Any crossover fans who draw and write Rule 34 are especially not allowed to have a page on this wiki. Unless they stop this bad habit.
    • Also, any toxic deviants who make Kingdom Hearts crossovers with other series.
  8. Any toxic haters of any users - These type of toxic users who makes mean comments and makes hate journals out of them. This is cyber bullying towards underage users. Any toxic haters will be banned for bullying underage users even if their art is good. For example: KittyGemAmazon23 and ClaireAimee. These are also forbidden in Atrocious Deviants wiki because they became butt hurt so easily when they discover their pages about them. Here's a mean comment in Animedeaf's journal [1]

And many more… Because we don't want to clog up this page.

References[edit | edit source]