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Talented DeviantArt User Suggestions.[edit source]

(Whoops, didn’t realize I was supposed to post this through the “add Topic” Tab..

I know a few users who have good talents that could have a place here.

Yoshifan1219 (Yes, myself because My Page is incredibly silent and I have little support from my small amount of watchers)

Epiclina/Rayni-the-bunny (Someone who can draw really well both digitally and traditionally.)

Rose-Cream ((I may have to link her account.) She is an incredibly talented user and has been treated rather poorly for the past year.)

Votex-Abrams (Despite being inactive a lot due to some stress with his life, Votex is really good at digitally and traditionally drawing machinery and is currently doing a big comic story.) --Yoshifan1219 (talk) 20:11, 25 April 2019 (UTC)

Jeva: I think we should add Travis the Dragon here. Here’s his home page

DmitriLeon2000: I think Toongod may be added, because he makes GIFs of various media, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Animaniacs, Striperella, the Cowey "Frisk Energie" commercial, Philipp Kirkorov's "Nurse" ("Медсестра") music video, Nikolay Baskov's "Natural Blonde" ("Натуральный блондин") music video, and, you've guessed it, St.Olie's "Caviar" ("Икра") music video. (NSFW)

Should I sort the entries?[edit source]

I don't see why not (but if you have a reason, do tell me). --LongRunner (talk) 12:57, 17 May 2019 (UTC)

Where is Vabessa2006?[edit source]

Why did she being erased out of Talented Deviants Wiki? Just asking.

Because she turned out be a hypocrite and a backstabber back then until she got banned on dA due to being underaged, but she has already learned her lesson now. --JeagerEX12 (talk) 16:41, 17 July 2019 (UTC)

Crossover pairings is a "toxic taste".[edit source]

"Crossover pairings" is a terrible concept and a very toxic interest. I know everyone has different views, but I do not get why some people think that two characters from different series should be a romantic relationship together, let alone make "fanbabies" together, when there is no darn chance of that happening and is completely senseless.

Apparently, one user under the name of JeagerEX12 tried to get me blocked and banned from the site after he found out that I removed a number of crossover shippers from the "Deviants that will be added" section and put them in the "Deviants that cannot be added here" section of the TBA page of this site.

I know it is important to respect other users and not say anything mean about them, but honestly, I think that anyone who ships crossover pairings or creates fanbabies of them should not be on this wiki unless they're a talented artist who draws and colors very well, or happens to be nice.

Most crossover fans, from what I've seen, often trace over official art, or recolor official art, or simply just copy and paste pictures that they didn't draw and make bases out of them. They also trace over other peoples' art, which is wrong. They're also very rude and they disrespect opinions of those who hate crossover pairings and prefer pairings involving characters of the same universe. I remember there was a user named Weaselbear who was infamous for supporting awful crossover shippings that it made other users very upset that they had to revolt and try to kick her out of the site, which of course, led her to deactivate her account altogether. I also hate the Pooh's Adventures community, but I won't discuss them right now.

Unless if these "shippers" happen to be "good friends" of yours, maybe I can understand, but there is no reason as to why any of them should be added here. I know that I don't even know any of these people, but why add someone with toxic taste on a site about "good and talented artists"?

There are a lot of great artists on DeviantArt who draw like a professional, and at the same time, are also nice and respectful to other users including their fellow fans. I was expecting this wiki to be about them and why they're talented in art rather than be about just JeagerEX12's circle of friends who are against toxic users. Heck, many (sane) artists and users are against toxic users so you're all not the only ones.

I was not trying to start a fight, and I'm a good user, don't get me wrong, but I don't get why you want me to be blocked or banned when I'm not toxic and I only came here to be a good contributor to this wiki like everyone else here. So please don't block me, I'm a nice and innocent user, and I promise to be on my best behavior and speak the truth when I write and contribute to this wiki. -- Zenko

I don't think that Crossover ships are bad, I mean they only exist in fanfictions nor fan-art as long it it's non-toxic it's ok to me. - Mangelo212.

Well, crossover ships are bad because they often get in the way of official ships, even in fanfiction and art, since official ships will always exist in the characters' home series (as well as some characters staying single and loving it), and the whole idea of crossover ships is just a horrible concept with bad taste. It also promotes bad values such as breaking up or even sexual harassment, which are both wrong. If there is no legal agreement between the characters' relevant copyright holders whatsoever, then such a pairing is especially never going to happen. I really don't get why some artists and writers think such a bad and unlikely idea is such a "great" one and how they think "it makes sense" when all crossover ships are senseless and there is plenty of logic or chemistry behind what the characters may have otherwise that would prevent them from being together. You also have to remember that not everyone likes this garbage, so it may upset others, and crossover shipping will only make the shipping wars much worse than before, especially if there's already tons of shipping wars between different ships of the same series. I usually don't have a problem with most crossover fanart and fanfiction (as long as it doesn't involve a series or character that I like mixed with one I don't like), and friendships are fine, but crossover shipping the characters is just toxic in my eyes. -- Zenko

Okay Zenko, since I am not an admin of this wiki. I'm NOT trying to get you ban or block because of this but anyways not all of the crossover shippers are toxic and immature but some of them are innocent and has their own Talents, but less Atrocious. So I'm not gonna argue with you, but please do not get me involved into it. I hope you understand what I said. --JeagerEX12 (talk) 03:33, 17 July 2019 (UTC)

Take back what I said.[edit source]

I don't deserve to be here so I'm staying off the list. --Yoshifan1219 (talk) 08:01, 29 June 2019 (UTC)

Some people are being listed in "Deviants that cannot be added here" for unknown reasons.[edit source]

I checked the "Deviants that cannot be added here" part and saw many people whom I haven't met yet or people whom I don't know what they have done since the only reason why they can't be added is this: "Please, NO.", or there wasn't any reason for them to be banned from this Wiki.

They're added because their galleries are terrible, they have bad taste and they seem to like and support some of the worst, horrible and disgusting ideas possible. It's very difficult to respect their views and opinions if they support such horrible ideas and draw/write something that is beyond awful. I'll try to add valid reasons as why they cannot have a page on this wiki, but because with all of their awful preferences, they don't deserve to be called "talented" nor have a page on this website. -- Zenko

Just to let you know...[edit source]

If you are somehow planning to add me on the wiki, then I have to let you know that I would definitely not want a page about myself to be on that wiki whatosever.

The reason why is because, I would rather have a page that is written in a some sort of Wikipedia style or TV Trope style, and not gushing about my art.

So if you are planning on making a page on me on that wiki, I hope you refrain from doing that.

Signed --Simoncaneplz 09:43, 5 August 2019 (UTC)

About [Username deleted][edit source]

Is he the actual Deviant or just a Troll?! Click here: [1]

- Mangelo212


Hello, I'm the actual Deviant! (Only under my old DA username.)

My apologies for wiping out the page of its content. Please rest assured it's not my intention to troll nor vandalize this Wiki.

I edited the page because I never wanted nor authorized anyone to create a wiki page about me, let alone share my personal information outside of Deviantart. Some of the information "LongRunner" disclosed here is, indeed, confidential and sensitive content whose access is restricted to a limited audience within Deviantart (where it is protected by some confidentiality restrictions). People who don't have a Deviantart account simply cannot see this content. Thus, this information is not considered "public", and that's why I refuse to have it disclosed on an external website for all to see.

As I'm a lawyer IRL, I asked and obtained removal of the page's history, which is enough to ensure my content isn't publicly visible on this Wiki anymore. Of course, I kindly ask you admins and contributors to refrain from adding any of my personal info back to the page, as unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is a legal offence. To be honest, I think it would be best to simply remove the whole page and move on. As I said earlier, I do not wish to have a page on any other website than Deviantart.

I hope you understand; in the meantime, best of luck with your Wiki!

- Selven7

An Apology[edit source]

Hi, I'm sorry if I did that, I was just in a really bad day. But can I readd my page again?

- PatrickStarSeven