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Gender: Female
Type: Amazing Drawer
Opinion Respector
Autistic Deviant
Student Artist
Date Joined:
  • Aug 3, 2017 (PinkGemPrincess)
  • Jan 3, 2018 (KittyGemAmazon23)
Status: Semi-Active
Total score: 9

NOTE: DO NOT Vandalize and add false and defamatory information on this page.

Eva (Born on January 29th) who is known as TheSweetRosePrincess (Formerly known as KittyGemAmazon23 and PinkGemPrincess) is an female American-Indian Deviant who loves DC Comics and was a former toxic Dora hater and a supporter of any toxic users until she changed her behavior. She has been in DeviantArt for 2 years.

Good Qualities

  1. She enjoys drawing cartoons.
  2. Her memes are entertaining to her friends.
  3. She loves DC Comics, Super Mario, and Ninjago.
  4. She's against trolls and other toxic users like Friendlymrguy, RoseStella, Tyler Bowie and Tim Legion.
  5. Even though she ships Superman and Wonder Woman, she will always respect opinions that hate some of her ships.
  6. Although she dislikes Batman x Wonder Woman, she respects opinions.
  7. She creates may DC OCs for her favorite ships that looks interesting to her friends.
  8. She's against Article 13 and pedophilia.
  9. She's against art theft and recoloring because one of Friendlymrguy's alt always steal and recolors her OC character.
  10. She do art trades for her friends because sometimes, she's bored.
  11. She wrote good journals.
  12. Her OC Persona named Eva is very cute and amazing.
  13. She appreciate on every fan arts of her OC persona that made by other people.

Bad Qualities

  1. She was a toxic Dora hater until she changed her behavior.[1]
    • She used to make Dora hate art before until she stopped.[2]
  2. She supported toxic users like PokeGirlRULES until she find out about their toxic behavior.


  • She was the second victim who was harassed by Friendlymrguy.
  • She made a group called HateThePeachriots because she was harassed by Friendlymrguy.
  • She changed her behavior and decided to stop being a toxic Dora hater.
  • She's also friends with JeagerEX, PinkYazFlyChan, BJT1998Deviantart, Haileykittydoesart, HawkinsAm, MikoChatta, ClaireAimee, Paula712, FriendlyGirl2018, heroicsonnyjim, AudiomachineForLife, etc.
  • She is a member of The-Daisyriots until she left the group after she realized that the original leader CandyPeachFangirl21 is actually a manipulator who blamed for attention.
  • She was a victim of Friendlymrguy and Tim Legion.
  • Even though she can handle criticism, she accepts each advice given for her art.
  • She has autism in real-life.
  • She has been harassed by Tyler Bowie because he was exposing her by screenshot using a dA mobile app along with her other friends who are against Tyler Bowie and his white knights.
  • Her current Deviant ID was made by Art1stg1rl. However, she mostly use every fan arts of her OCs that made by others as her Deviant ID due to some trolls and stalkers, and art thieves.
  • She has a childhood friend named Cristina (a girl that goes to her school and Instagram) who has Instagram and talks to her everyday on Instagram.
  • She is a little bit active on DeviantArt, but mostly active on Instagram due to drama.[3]