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TimothythePainter is an American deviant, who first joined in 2014 under the account TimoArtist.

Why He Is Talented[edit | edit source]

  1. He takes his usage of MS Paint seriously, unlike most users.
    • In fact, his MS Paint artwork actually has good quality, compared to most users.
  2. On his former account, he used to accept pornographic commissions from late 2017-mid 2018, but after a now-former friend of his told him via note that such commissions were illegal and terminated her friendship with him because of them, he has since ceased and gone back to regular requests.
    • He stated that the sole reason why he did pornographic commissions was because he wanted a different way to get points (he didn't have any until he got the idea to solely do commissions for pornographic material and continue doing requests for everything else). He felt that regular commissions wouldn't fly with MS Paint and he considers adoptables to be hit-or-miss in terms of design and articulation.
  3. He has a decent mindset, and for the most part steers clear from fetishes and other cringey subject matter.
  4. While most users write a simple "Happy Birthday" profile comment for their friends during their birthdays, he not only makes his friends a drawing, but also gives them a free month-long core membership. His sense of generosity is further shown with his continued donations to https://www.gofundme.com/f/dialysisjob-transportation, a Gofundme campaign organized by stained-knives (who ironically is a friend of his now-former friend), whose mother is suffering from Poly Cystic Kidney Disease.
  5. On his current account, he uses different borders to help users tell which artwork is of what type. For example, deep blue is for regular artwork, yellow is for requests, and green is for art trades.
  6. His artwork titles are very creative.
  7. He has since redeemed himself, stating he created his current account to prevent incidents.
  8. He has decent writing skills, as shown through his journal entries, status updates, and the descriptions of some of his drawings.
  9. His now-deleted "Meledandeeds" reviews from his former account were actually very good, since some of the movies he reviewed have their flaws, some being major.

Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

NOTE: He has since redeemed himself on his current account. This section will talk about bad qualities from his former account TimoArtist.

  1. He has an unusual obsession with the 2009-2015 anime based on Tamagotchi that has carried over to his current account. He constantly demands a full and competent English Dub of said anime, despite having a very slim-to-none chance of actually coming to fruition, and sometimes he incorporates Tamagotchi into pieces of art where they have no real place to be (such as featuring Lovelitchi on a 9/11 drawing due to her birthday being a day short of the tragedy, and featuring Lovelitchi as well as Mametchi comforting Patrick and SpongeBob in a Stephen Hillenburg tribute drawing despite Hillenburg being against crossovers involving his characters.)
  2. Speaking of 9/11, he made an image on his former account depicting A VERSION OF THE 9/11 ATTACKS EDITED WITH THE LORAX, THE GRINCH, AND MARIO, ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN/WILL BE ADAPTED BY ILLUMINATION, which is a moral disgrace and is offensive to people and/or their relatives who died in 9/11.
  3. He encouraged people to hate Chris Meledandri all because of Illumination's upcoming Mario movie, seeing him as a greedy person who cares only about money to make movies and even calling him Greedy McBastard because of this. For example, he created a petition in an attempt to damage Meledandri's reputation, but it failed.
    • In addition to this, shortly after Stephen Hillenburg's death, he made a death wish to him hoping that he'd die in a similar fashion (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).
    • He also made a terrible diss track to him, set to the tune of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" because of the upcoming release of The Grinch at the time.
    • When he was confronted by SuperPanty276 over a hate drawing made out of Meledandri and the fact that he would get more hate comments, he replied with, "Oh, am I? And from you and what army?"
    • To make matters worse, he even participated in PORNOGRAPHIC ROLE-PLAYS FEATURING MAMETCHI HAVING SEX WITH HIS FRIENDS.
  5. In his now-deleted Tamagotchi/Arthur crossover fanfiction, despite mostly being well-written, one nonsensical aspect is that the bus Mr. Ratburn drives crash lands into DreamTama Town, even though Arthur takes place on the planet Earth, and DreamTama Town is on the Tamagotchi Planet.
  6. He made a hate group out of himself. This was considered guilt-tripping and resulted in his now-former friend blocking him. He has since deleted the group as encouraged by MediocreTomato and MochaSheep, more friends of his now-former friend. Regardless, why would one encourage people to hate themselves?
  7. In 2016, he made artwork depicting Mametchi getting brutally tortured by his friends and other characters all because Bandai America was focusing more on Power Rangers (before they lost the master toy license to Hasbro in 2018) than on Tamagotchi.
  8. He discovered a Kiwifarms thread that was made out of him, proven by this status post.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has Asperger's syndrome, and as such, calls himself "Just your local American Aspie."
  • His now-former friend in question is Strikerwott12, another talented deviant who he had a strong acquaintanceship with from late 2014-mid 2018. Despite this, he still made a birthday drawing for her in 2019, though he strangely submitted it on his former account and not his current one.