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xXBri-the-DemonXx is a American female Deviantart user that creates various types of OCs. She is shown to be very interested in various types of video games and cartoons. She has currently been on Deviantart for 5 years.

Why She's Talented

  1. She enjoys drawing cartoons
  2. She has a interest in various video games, such as Alice Madness Returns, Best Fiends, Pokemon, Minecraft, Subnautica, Monster Legends, and Skylanders
  3. She is against trolls and other toxic users.
  4. She loves making various series for her OCs.
  5. She is best friends with KapooyDeWaffleMaster
  6. She is social and loves to make new friends
  7. She is against art theft and recoloring
  8. Her OCs and AUs are good.


  • She has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD
  • Her favorite movies are A Monster in Paris, Osmosis Jones, Coraline, Kubo and The Two Strings, and The Book of Life
  • Her favorite Pokemon is Darkrai
  • Her Favorite gem from Steven Universe is Rainbow Quartz 2.0

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