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Sandra Konstadinovic (born in July 25, 1996 from Sabac, Croatia) aka xX-SunnyBlue-Xx is a female Deviant who is known for her Sonic and Magical Girl/Mahou Shoujo drawings. Not only she is an amazing Deviant, she is also a very kind and friendly Sonic fan. She is one of BlueCrystalSpider's friends on the website.

Why She's Amazing[edit | edit source]

  1. Her drawings are very good and clean, a rare trait for some Sonic fans like Sonic-fan17 although her arts can have some fanservice-y elements though.
  2. She is a sane fan of different kinds of franchises in different genres.
  3. Some of her fanmade Characters are really good.
    1. Aside from this, her fanmade designs are terrific.
  4. She can make very good fan comics with a lot of effort.

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