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"If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line.

But it better work this time."

-Megadeth, Peace Sells... and Who's Buying

XiaolongDrake (born on April 24, 2003), formerly DrakeX25 or Drake28721, is an American male DeviantArt user who joined the site during July of 2019. As of August of 2019, he is currently friends with JeagerEX and is active for Rosestella's demise, as well as putting an end to Stage-Burner.

Why He's Talented and Amazing[edit | edit source]

  • As from the day he was born, XiaolongDrake taught himself how to draw.
  • His artwork is inspired by, or contains characters from (in which he copyright to the creators to), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, Felidae, Sonic the Hedgehog, and everything XiaolongDrake encounters.
  • He mostly listens to music while drawing his work.
  • He believes in the concepts of "Justice" and "Kattobingu (Feeling the Flow)", meaning he will seet to his enemies (justice) and to get himself to smile (Kattobingu).
  • Despite having been bullied by Dookatroopacomedian in August 2019, XiaolongDrake still had his Kattobingu Spirit thanks to many who befriended him.
  • Despite being on DeviantArt, XiaolongDrake also has a FANDOM account, and has done some stories since late August.
  • He only draws with pencil and paper, despite the low grade resolution of his pictures.
  • He has the same core beliefs as JeagerEX, along with tetraphobia.

The Only Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

  • He USED to be one of Rosestella's men, but sweetheart1012 and JeagerEX changed XiaolongDrake's heart to them.
  • He is known for causing anger to himself, due to his ADHD.
  • He is a VERY POWERFUL chick magnet (even he doesn't realize it).
  • He gets very confused at points, even from memorical context.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has only 25% of Autism but 75.9% of ADHD, in real life.
  • He also has PTSD, regarding of an incident (it's best that you DON'T know).
  • He ONCE counted to infinity, only for Chuck Norris to beat XiaolongDrake by counting to infinity TWICE
  • His profile picture (so far) is based off of Revolver/ Varis from VRAINS or Rohan Kishibe from Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • He can be a workaholic at points (especially when it comes to organizing or drawing).
  • The song that represent him are:

- "One" by Metallica (1988)

- "Clear Mind" by Masaki Endo (2010)

- "Traitor's REQUIEM" by Daisuke Hasegawa (2019)

  • Unlike people in the world, XiaolongDrake only perfers 60's to 2000's Rock, R&B, and Rap (he claims that modern music, 2010's to onward, get overated "a bit to fast").
  • As of September 15, 2019, XiaolongDrake became "The Eternal Hell Kaiser", since he gotten his favorite card Borreload Dragon.
  • Aside from drawing and playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, XiaolongDrake mostly reads Wings of Fire and listens to his favorite Metallica album "...And Justice For All."
  • He is also against DookatroopaComedian and Stage-Burner.
  • Due to him being born on a day with 2 fours, since he's tetraphobic (calling the number 4 death) from his Korean Ancestry, XiaolongDrake often calls himself at points "The Grim Dragon," a joke for the Grim Reaper aka Death.
  • Out of most people in JeagerEX's group, XiaolongDrake is the only Stand User in there so far (https://jojo.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:XiaolongDrake/Custom_Stand:_Black_Album_(re-_upload)).
  • During September 2019, he WAS in a relationship with Keefester4evr (a FANDOM user), but it was called off.
  • While his actual name is Drake, the Xiaolong part of it refers to Chinese artist Wang Xiaolong or the Chinese term for "Little Dragon" (小龍).
  • He created himself a drink called "Hellboy's tonic" (after the character Hellboy). While the name may seem alcoholic, it only comprises of 2 parts of (each) Mountain Dew (diet, regular, and Goji Citrus) and Canada Dry Ginger Ale (or Sparkling Water, if there's no ginger ale).
  • He has a brother-sister relation with Ponyo64 (With XiaolongDrake being the little bro).
  • He has a tendency to use Italian, Spanish, Russian or Japanese pronunciation at points.

Deck[edit | edit source]

Since XiaolongDrake's a duelist, here's a compound of his deck (he utilizes a Borrel/ Rokket/ Topologic [DARK Dragon/ Cyberse] deck, along with some support cards):

Main Deck[edit | edit source]


  • Silverrokket Dragon (シルバーヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1900 DEF- 100)
  • Rokket Tracer (ヴァレット・トレーサー; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Tuner/ Effect, ATK- 1600 DEF- 1000)
  • Rokket Recharger (ヴァレット・リチャージャー; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 0 DEF- 2100)
  • Exploderokket Dragon (エクスプロードヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 7, Dragon/ Effect, ATK/ DEF- 2000)
  • DMZ Dragon (DMZ [ディーエムゼット] ドラゴン;DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 0 DEF- 2000)
  • Absorouter Dragon (アブソルーター・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 7, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1200 DEF- 2800)
  • Checksum Dragon (チェックサム・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 6, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 400 DEF- 2400)
  • Anesthrokket Dragon (アネスヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 1, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 0 DEF- 2200)
  • Autorokket Dragon (オートヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 3, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1600 DEF- 1000)
  • Magnarokket Dragon (マグナヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1800 DEF- 1200)
  • Shelrokket Dragon (シェルヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 2, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1100 DEF- 2000)
  • Metalrokket Dragon (メタルヴァレット・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1700 DEF- 1400)
  • Rokket Synchron (ヴァレット・シンクロン; DARK, Level 1, Dragon/ Tuner/ Effect, ATK/ DEF- 0)
  • Gateway Dragon (ゲートウェイ・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1600 DEF- 1400)
  • Defrag Dragon (デフラドラグーン; DARK, Level 3, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1000 DEF- 600)
  • Background Dragon (バックグランド・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 5, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1600 DEF- 1800)
  • Labradorite Dragon (ラブラドライドラゴン; DARK, Level 6, Dragon/ Tuner/ Normal, ATK- 0 DEF- 2400)
  • Paladin of Felgrand (巨竜の聖騎士 [パラディン・オブ・フェルグラント]; LIGHT, Level 4, Warrior/ Effect, ATK- 1700 DEF- 300)
  • Dragon Knight of Creation (創世の竜騎士; LIGHT, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 1800 DEF- 600)
  • Keeper of the Shrine (霊廟の守護者; DARK, Level 4, Dragon/ Effect, ATK- 0 DEF- 2100)
  • World Chalice Guardragon (星杯の守護竜; WIND, Level 1, Dragon/ Effect, ATK/ DEF- 400)
  • Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn (ライトロード・アサシン ライデン; LIGHT, Level 4, Warrior/ Tuner/ Effect, ATK- 1700 DEF- 1000)


  • Borrel Supplier (ヴァレル・サプライヤー; Continuous)
  • Rapid Trigger (ラピッド・トリガー; Quick-Play)
  • Squib Draw (スクイブ・ドロー; Quick-Play)
  • Quick Launch (クイック・リボルブ; Quick-Play)
  • Boot Sector Launch (リボルブート・セクター; Field)
  • Borrel Regenerator (ヴァレル・リロード; Equip)
  • Dragon Shrine (竜の霊廟; Normal)
  • Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords (巨神竜の遺跡; Continuous)
  • Return of the Dragon Lords (復活の福音; Normal)
  • Polymerization (融合;Normal)
  • Twin Twisters (ツインツイスター; Quick-Play)
  • Link Hole (リンケージ・ホール; Normal)
  • Blockout Curtain (遮攻カーテン; Continuous)


  • Zero-Day Blaster (ゼロ・デイ・ブラスター; Normal)
  • Execute Protocols (ガンスリンガー・エクスキューション; Continuous)
  • Red Reboot (レッド・リブート; Counter)
  • Link Turret (リンク・デス・ターレット; Continuous)
  • Mirror Force Launcher (ミラーフォース・ランチャー; Continuous)
  • Mirror Force (聖なるバリア :ミラーフォース; Normal)
  • Magic Cylinder (魔法の筒 [マジック・シリンダー]; Normal)
  • Imperial Order (王宮の勅命; Continuous)
  • Draw Discharge (ドロー・ディスチャージ; Normal)
  • Dwimmered Glimmer (救魔の奇石; LIGHT, Level [1-12], Spellcaster/ Continuous Trap/ Normal, ATK/ DEF- 0)
  • Fighting Dirty (泥仕合 [ドローケーム]; Normal)

Extra Deck[edit | edit source]

  • Topologic Zeroboros (トポロジック・ゼロヴォロス; DARK, ↙↖↗↘, Cyberse/ Link/ Effect, ATK- 3000 LINK- 4)
  • Borreload Furious Dragon (ヴァレルロード・F [フュリアス]・ドラゴン; DARK, Level 8, Dragon/ Fusion/ Effect, ATK- 3000 DEF- 2500)
  • Quadborrel Dragon (ソーンヴァレル・ドラゴン; DARK, ←↓, Dragon/ Link/ Effect, ATK- 1000 LINK- 2)
  • Borreload Dragon (ヴァレルロード・ドラゴン; DARK, ←↙↘→, Dragon/ Link/ Effect, ATK- 3000 LINK- 4)
  • Triple Burst Dragon (スリーバーストショット・ドラゴン; DARK, ↑←↓, Dragon/ Link/ Effect, ATK- 2400 LINK- 3)
  • Booster Dragon (ブースター・ドラゴン; DARK, ↙↘, Dragon/ Link/ Effect, ATK- 1900 LINK- 2)

Current Status[edit | edit source]

He could be doing a buddy-buddy pic with JeagerEX or might be dueling an AI system (who knows?).

References[edit | edit source]