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yuettung116 is a female Hong Kong Deviant who join Deviantart on January 26 2018. She is known for making bases and making Roblox pictures which nobody (maybe) has done before.

Why She's Talented

  1. As in August to today, she put a lot of effects on her pictures.
  2. She made a lot of good pictures from FNAF, Roblox and a lot more.
  3. She's good at redesigning bad OCs.
  4. She made great bases, she also have some spin-off of her bases like Sad Pony Base and Other Base.
  5. She made good fan pictures of The Pals.
  6. Although The Pals had a very toxic fanbase, unlike the toxic fans, she respected opinions to anyone who haven't know any of them or hate them.
  7. She made good fan base arts of VelveagicSentryYT and much more.
  8. She also made Roblox pictures as well which nobody has done before. Maybe.
  9. She gives reasons why she called TimLegionFederationa out for stealing arts from other people is that Tim almost killed someone in 2003.
  10. Although she was once a Goanimate/Vyond fan, she doesn't use Vyond styled rant.
  11. Her journal, Peluchin Entertainment going after for blood. This journal gives people more information about Peluchin Entertainment did more wrongs instead of killing his cat.
  12. Her content is targeted for young children now. Maybe.
  13. Unlike the other users, she focuses the designs for the ponyfied FNAF characters really well.
  14. She made a lot of good collabs.
  15. Her watchers made a lot of good fan arts of her.
  16. She done some crossover pictures, but she didn't do some crossover pairings pictures including fan babies (Example Babies for *Username*) and jealous arts, probably the drama NoreenCreatesStuff caused.
  17. She started doing some original arts example Roblox.
  18. She took so much time on her base art for a contest, example the Fantasia Contest made by FantasiaUnicornYT. She was placed in second afterward.
  19. She's very good at exposing Youtubers example she exposed Solom and the Russian Albert for stealing thumbnails from Denis and the other Youtubers in private because since Yuettung116 doesn't have a Twitter account.
  20. Her Quote which is now a meme in her main account, "Go commit explosive".

Bad Qualities

  1. In 2018 and early 2019, she used to be negative toward people.
  2. On the other side, she has a Youtube account. But her videos are poorly made.
  3. She used to be a Goanimate/Vyond fan, which is already toxic to the fandom!
  4. Sometimes her stuffs can be mean-spirited, example she used to made a lot of journals of Peluchin Entertainment getting grounded by Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy.
  5. Although her content is targeted for young children, there may be some inappropriate or dark contents like some of her pictures have blood in them. Example her cover of Corl's Suicide has Corl hanged in it. And what's worse is that she never puts her pictures Mature Content until she was told to do so.
  6. She used to be swearing, a lot.
  7. Before August, she put poor effects on her pictures and also her bases as well.
  8. Sometimes she could be really lazy and not making bases a lot because of her laziness.
  9. Her OCs like Lola may be a bit too bland.
  10. She took her hatred on YeenaDeena too serious, just because YeenaDeena harassed her for not good at drawing and used bases. Heck, she did some original arts!
  11. Accord to Sarahostervig, she used to be stealing arts from deactivated users and bases.
  12. Although there are many good fan arts of Lola, there are some bad ones. Example Beb0510's killing art on her.
  13. She has done too many rants, even on the minor one!
  14. Her hatred on the jealous arts was so bad that there's even a whole collection folder of them! But at least she respected opinions. Here's the link.
  15. Her other account, yuettung, is not well received.
  16. She could easily get upset when someone hated or blocked her, example she decided to tell her watchers to EncryptedAlicornX to unblock her.
  17. On her deleted posts, she told that the 5 people who died of suicide during the Hong Kong protest deserve to kill themselves for being and should burn in hell! Also she said that all of the people who joined the protest are suicidal and want all of them to kill themselves! Let that sink in!


On February to April 2018, she started to defend a atrocious user called Beb0510. This lead to cause a drama between her and MarioLightFire-Hero where she made a journal about MarioLightFire-Hero blocked her. Later it is revealed that she has been faking as Beb0510's friend the whole time.

She's also getting hate for doing a lot of rants toward stuffs she doesn't like, including minor things.

On November, a user called BoldCurriosity made a status "exposed" yuettung116 for "stealing" a screenshot of Mario from Sonic Paradox Volume 3, with yuettung116 made a journal expended that she did not steal the screenshot and in fact, it wasn't taken by her. A few days later, BoldCurriosity apologized to yuettung116 and left Deviantart just because of one mistake she had.

On July 2, a user called unknown-secretArtist made a journal called The dark truth of yuettung116 which he rants about her, but she didn't notice until August 13 where she discovered that her page in Talented Deviants Wiki has been vandalized by replacing her page with a rant journal. As a result, she got really upset and called out Talented Deviants Wiki for removing her page and ordered them to bring it back. It was so bad that she rudely shouted at megasog1870. This lead to her almost leaving Deviantart until she decided to apologize to megasog1870 and everyone else who were involved this drama. Later it turned out that a Miraheze user called Peinghi vandalized yuettung116's page. Thankfully, another Miraheze user called Queenspace managed to restore yuettung116's page and blocked Peinghi right away.

Shortly after the drama ended, one of the users named ChickHen made a journal called Disproving some claims made against a person which talked about unknown-secretArtist ranting on yuettung116. Yuettung116 later commented by saying that people shouldn't dig though old stuffs like unknown-secretArtist did.


  • She and SnowflakeWonder are the only bronies from Hong Kong.
  • Her real name is probably Alison Kwok according to her Youtube Account's username that has her real name in it.
  • She was once a big fan of Ryoma Hoshi from Danganronpa V3, but sadly she lost a lot of interest with Ryoma Hoshi.
  • She hates Undertale for some reasons. Probably the Sans fangirls. But now she's neutral at Undertale.
  • She's a big fan of The Pals, after she noticed a video of Corl getting kicked out of The Pals for disrespected a fan on Twitter. That's odd.
  • Her favourite out of them are Denis and Corl.
  • She was harassed by Tim Legion and Jamesgang100. So does YeenaDeena.
  • Sadly, her Roblox pictures don't get a lot of favourites. Sometimes her base edit pictures.
  • She stopped doing rants after she done a rant about the drama between NoreenCreatesStuff and Dannythedancer.
  • She has a Roblox account. But however no one trusted that yuettung116 from Roblox is actually the yuettung116 from Deviantart. Link: www.roblox.com/users/368211715…
  • She joins FantasiaUnicornYT's contest and even placed in second.
  • She has a second account called yuettung, this account started off as an Object Show fan art account. Later the account was pretended to be a different user under the name Kasey, her other OC. Later the account is describe as a Mature Rated account. But since the account was trashed by the white knights of JohnStarks0001101, she decided that the account will be changed into a Corl fan account. The username of her second account might be changed into FakeCorl in the future.
  • She was featured in a video about SilverWindYT made by DeviantCringe reading one of her comments said "This is stolen".
  • She's the first deviant to have a controversial page.



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