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"I've got quick fingers yo"
Gender: Male
Type: Exotic artist
Autistic Deviant
Undertale Fan
Date Joined: May 11, 2019
Total score: +10 (for helping someone who was going to commit suicide)

NOTE: Do not vandalize this page, or add false and/or defamatory information.

Zulu-Exa (born June 2nd) is an American DeviantArt user who makes exotic art, is autistic, and is an Undertale fan

Why He Rocks[edit | edit source]

  1. He is against users such as Tyler Bowie, Ethan Davis, GayProductionNew, twxaxreal, and FriendlyMrGuy.
  2. The memes he posts and favorites are funny, but are also weird.
  3. The names he makes on his alt accounts are cool, such as Zulu-Exa, Bixa-Rixa, Ruxa-Duxa, and Laxa-Daxa.
  4. He makes good rants on certain things
  5. His Undertale fanart not only looks good, but some of it is also adorable.
  6. He can help others by giving them advice to either ignore drama, or spread awareness of a situation by spreading it in a status post. That is a good idea!
  7. He is also against racism, sexism, homophobia, pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia, incest, and fetish art.
  8. He even helped a user who was going to commit suicide. That is very helpful!
  9. He can improve on his art and behavior.
  10. He is pretty creative with his Undertale AU, Exatale.

Bad Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. He does sometimes act a little hostile, but is mostly friendly.
  2. He is a little bit obsessed with Undertale, but he does control his obsession.
  3. He did make hate art on a Minecraft mob, but the reason behind this was because he was frustrated with a Minecraft mob one time after it killed him while he was playing Minecraft.
  4. He has two accounts named Pixa-Vixa and Exa-Zulu, but he does not use those accounts. You could just deactivate them if you want, or close them.
  5. He sometimes rages in all caps.
  6. Some of his rants are a little biased.
  7. He did some dick moves on a Discord server, however, he admitted it and he is very sorry for what he did.
  8. His old art looks a little bad, but he has improved since then.
  9. His Deviant ID and profile picture were lazy as it was just a picture of a Temmie plushie, but this was before he changed it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. He has autism, ADHD, and (possibly), Tourettes Syndrome, which could explain his hostile behavior.
  2. He took control of one of Tyler Bowie's accounts, which was renamed to XLightOfUrsX, and also took control of one of Ciel Clarkson's accounts as well.
  3. He voiced a character in a machinima.
  4. He joined 1 day after one of his friends made a rant on a user
  5. He is the first deviant to have the letter 'Z' as the first letter in his name on this wiki
  6. He is currently working on an Undertale AU called 'Exatale'
  7. He is a victim of impersonation from a Discord user named Sergeant Tickle.
  8. He is the creator of a joke group he made called "Worlds-Ugliest-Stuff".

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